Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hester Holiday Market on 34th Street

There is a magical date every December when your emails suddenly change from "Check Out Our Holiday Shopping Gift Guide" to "Dear Holiday Shopping Procrastinator," and that day has come. But stop hyperventilating and instead stop by the Hester Holiday Market at One Penn Plaza. They've totally got you covered for your totally-not-last-minute holiday shopping. Hey, there are NINE days till Christmas Eve!

Hester Holiday Market has gift options galore with vendors like Dr. Sofskin's Body Lotion Candles, eco-conscious paper products made from elephant dung (yes!) from Mr. Ellie Pooh, and really adorable rings, bracelets, and more from Wink and Flip.

Pictured above clockwise from left: Rasany, Dr. Sofskin's, and Estate Jewels by George and Raf.

Stop by One Penn Plaza between 33rd and 34th Streets at Seventh Avenue for the Hester Holiday Market, and then just hit "delete" when you receive yet another panic-inducing holiday shopping email.

Hester Holiday Market
Open 11am-8pm through December 21st
One Penn Plaza at 34th Street and Seventh Avenue