Friday, July 31, 2009

JCPenney Manhattan Mall: Opening Day

The mayor dropped by to wish "bon shopping" to JCPenney and its customers this morning. He didn't really say "bon shopping," but he did call Herald Square one of the best places to shop in the city. I then, of course, was the only one who "woo-hoo'd" him.

Mayor Bloomberg and JCPenney CEO Mike Ullman III. What if I added "III" onto my baby's name? Hmm, may ensure his/her success in future retail ventures.

Kimora Lee Simmons then came up on stage looking fabulous. Fitting as her Fabulosity line is carried by JCPenney. She didn't talk, just smiled, and then chatted up the Mayor. Be sure to check out her shoes, I spotted some tempting wedges and flats in the shoe department.

Because of weather, the opening ceremonies weren't held outside in Greeley Square, but in the lobby of Manhattan Mall, and featured not just Mike and Kimora (who had boyfriend and baby daddy Djimon Honsou in tow), but also a little fashion show. I couldn't see much but the hats looked very cute. Luckily there will be shows in Greeley Square throughout the day, so be sure to drop by and check out the goods.

The JCPenney stage at Greeley Square, and a fashion show this morning.

Don't forget that there will be doorbusters all day, so go get yourself some $3.99 pillows and towels. Also, sales abound. Kati and I dropped by the store yesterday and checked out the I Heart Ronson and the soft, stretchy Twelfth of Eleven T's. Hmm, wonder who designs those...

Twelfth of Eleven T-shirt with satin side panels and pocket, was $30, now $19.99. I Heart Ronson dress is now 30% off of $50.

This long, double-breasted I Heart Ronson vest is a great piece (30% off $36). I Heart Ronson dress is also on sale (original price is $50).

Kati got the Ronson vest and the pink T, both my picks also. There's a green, sleeveless Twelfth of Eleven T that's got my name on it. Look for these shirts just to the right of the I Heart Ronson department on the first floor, tucked back a little in the alcove.

JCPenney Manhattan Mall, lower levels 1 & 2, 33rd & 6th Avenue

Thursday, July 30, 2009

There's a New Foundation in Town

It's all about Matte Now, and beginning tomorrow you can get a free 10-day sample at Bare Escentuals on 34th Street. Print up the above card and bring into the boutique for your free sample. The Bare Escentuals pros will color match for your skin.

I've been gushing about all our new stores on 34th Street lately, but this boutique really is a makeup dream to shop. Everything is so neat, prettily packaged, and well-presented. Then there's the sample pigments. They look so inviting you want to dive into all that mineral color. Let's face it, a girl loves to shop a great makeup store.

More weekend temptations at Bare Escentuals on 34th Street:

New product launches, available in store tomorrow. Click for a closer look. The eye-lining tutorial ($38)? Very helpful. Wish I had that years ago when I'd have to do my own "smoky" cat-eye makeup with 2 pairs of false lashes. I would just slop it on. Oh, the many pots of dark shadow and liquid liner I used to own. Luckily with the Crash Course kit ($22) you'll be able to keep your graphite eyes neat and match them up with shiny pink lips.

And I got a sample of the mascara in store today (full-size Riduculashes, $18). You know how I love reviewing mascara, so soon there will be a follow-up on this new product.

Annnd, there's a gift with purchase this weekend if you book an appointment and spend $35. Lots of excitement round Bare Escentuals on 34th Street this summer. Love the new kid in town.

Update: The Matte Now event runs through August.

Bare Escentuals, 44 W. 34th between 5th & 6th

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Metal Frames

Because of an overexposure to Beavis and Butt-Head at an impressionable age, I immediately threw the hook 'em horns when I saw this at LensCrafters in Manhattan Mall:

Difficult to read on my cell phone pics, but on the inside of the frames it very prominently says "METAL PLATE." You must say "Me-tallll" in a deep gravelly voice.

Of course they had to be bought. George, being from a like-minded generation, put up with my metal antics and calmly chose the METAL PLATE frames because they were his favorite.

Voila! Just a little heavy metal, but not too much all over.

He was looking for something different but not too hipster. I think these toe the line perfectly. I look to Oakley for good beach sunglasses, but never would have thought their eyeglass frames would be so nice. They beat out the Ray Bans, the Persols, and the lavender DKNY's I liked. Good for me, not so much for George. He was hoping for a prominent frame but not too overwhelming, and the Oakleys fit the bill.

It's also a good time to shop for frames, as LensCrafters is having a sale: $100 off all eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses with any frame + lens purchase till September 12th. It's part of their big family sale, so go here for more deals.

LensCrafters, Manhattan Mall level 2, 33rd & 6th Avenue

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More Give and Get at Gap, Inc.

Last go-round, this was quite a successful campaign. So sign up again this week and get 30% off purchases at Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy from July 30 - August 2nd. 5% of your purchase goes to one of Gap's non-profit charity partners. Click the flyer below to print and get codes, and choose your charity and read official info here.

Save and shop for charity, that makes for a very fulfilling weekend, right?!

Gap Herald Square, 60 W. 34th at 6th
Banana Republic, 17 W. 34th between 5th & 6th
Old Navy, 150 W. 34th between Broadway & 7th

Monday, July 27, 2009

Shop Out Stains

A tweet from my office-mate a few weeks ago: "Just saw a VERY pregnant woman with a stain on her belly in Gap. Thought of you :)" Awww. I had just been complaining to her about stains on my clothing. Lately, few apparel items have emerged unscathed after a day with me, three meals, several snacks, and lots of beverages. At first I was clueless and naively asked my husband "What is wrong with me?" His answer: "Um, your huge belly is in the way." Duh.

But stains happen to the best of us, with or without the belly catcher. NYC girls acquire stains easily, considering we sometimes forget to check out the dirt factor of cab, bus, and subway seats before gratefully falling into them. This happened to Lindsey's yellow dress just the other morning (it's always early in the day and you're always wearing light colors). But Lindsey had a good solution:

Don't stress the stain, go shopping! She ran down to Zara and picked up this dress on sale for $20. Even better, it gave her jacket a totally new and fun look (the yellow is classic and pretty, but the strapless prairie dress is younger and trendier). This is also a good opportunity to remind you to check out the Zara sale, still up to 50% off. Just spill a little something on your clothes and beg out of work for some "emergency stain shopping."

Zara, 39 W. 34th Street near 6th Avenue

Friday, July 24, 2009

Pop-Up for Maternity

After documenting the impressive selection at the Daffy's pop-up store, I decided to see if I could find any maternity love amongst all the cute dresses.

Leopard print dress by Dex, $29.99. It's a large, and a good style for non-maternity, although the back view isn't great because of my now huge........

I'm not quite ready to do the full-on reveal, but I think this side view gives you an idea. Let's just say I've grown a good pedestal for the belly. Which is why, for most women who carry big, non-maternity will not hang well over the rear in your last months. Oh, OK, in your middle months too.

But this purple top ($16.99) surprised me. It looks perfectly fine from behind. A clerk picked it out for me, and I politely took it into the dressing room thinking "No way. I'm going to look like an enormous, purple, ruffle tree." I shall no longer inwardly scoff at salesclerks recommendations. At least not till I've got it on in the dressing room.

Not bad for tiered ruffles.

You can visit the Daffy's pop-up store at One Seventh Avenue South, Monday through Saturday 11am-8pm, and Sunday noon-7pm. Don't forget that everything you see in the pop-up can be found in Daffy's stores. And here' s the official Apartment information. The pop-up store is open for the duration of the contest (till August 14th). Click on the flyer below to learn how to win a luxury, furnished apartment for $700 per month:

Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's a Daffy's Boutique

The Daffy's Apartment event launched today, so I went down to One Seventh Avenue South to check out the pop-up store. While I was taking pictures in the not-yet-open store, people kept stopping by, tapping on the windows, and begging to come in and shop. And no wonder, because this pop-up looks incredible.

Stunning dress and key hat/fascinator. They speak for themselves.

I'm going to have to bombard you with more cute clothes photos, because my favorite thing about this pop-up is that it captures, boutique-style, what is great about Daffy's: their gorgeous and quirky designer buy. No run-of-the-mill for Daffy's. And everything you see can be found in their stores, like, ahem, Daffy's Herald Square. This little boutique just brings it all together like a cocktail party full of fabulous gals. I'm thinking a swankish art-opening thing, but you decide.

Love Moschino
dress, $119.99, Cosa Nostra dress with stud trim, $49.99.

There is lots of lovely Tracy Reese and stunning Pollini (short jacket, $269.99).

Philosophy dress, $89.99, and a perfect Audrey Hepburn number by Nougat, $89.99. I saw this dress and thought of Cammila from Dressed Up Like A Lady.

Daffy's pop-up has a lot of Gaulthier. Besides this beautiful sweater, right, $89.99, I spotted some classic black Gaulthier pants. And you know this Love Moschino trompe l'oeil zipper skirt won't be in store for long ($59.99).

I cannot tell you how badly I wanted to get this in a large and wear it over my huge, pregnant belly. Elephant skirt is $69.99. I think I need it for fashion week.
Accessories! Fringe bags, a table of Jeffrey Campbell shoes, patent booties!

And yes, there's some men's, too. Some clothing, but mostly a good selection of shoes. Why have I been seeing a lot of guys in blue suede shoes recently? Oh, Daffy's, right on-trend as always.

Daffy's Pop-Up, One 7th Ave S.
Mon-Sat, 11am - 8pm.
Sunday, Noon - 7pm.
Clothing is replenished every couple days, so visit often. And be sure to enter the Daffy's Apartment contest.

Herald Square, 34th & Broadway

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

JCPenney Manhattan Mall: Opening with a Smile

The big cube, resting up before tomorrow.

I twittered this earlier and you've probably read elsewhere that JCPenney is soft opening tomorrow, 9:00am - 9:30pm. Drop by and check out the store, but if you're looking for doorbusters like pillows for under $4, mark the 31st on your calendar. That's the grand opening day, full of fashion shows, celebrity appearances in Greeley Square, and more. Check out Racked for more info.

What's a standout in the store? Customer service. Not only has a lot of effort been put into check-out technology to get busy New Yorkers in and out of the store quickly, but JCPenney has a very friendly IRL staff on the floor. Now, I've got favorite staff I look for in several stores on 34th Street, but JCPenney is really upping the ante with "Good mornings," "Hi, how are you's?" and, yes, actual smiles. This may be difficult for New Yorkers to get used to.

Below are some pictures from a tour today, and soon you can expect some dressing room candids (beautiful lingerie dressing room at left). Because yes, JCPenney does have a maternity section. We're tucked away behind plus-size, and the selection isn't big but I spotted good basic T's and several cute, peasant-looking blouses.

Wall of colorful bras, and decidedly un-grandma shape wear.

Some I Heart Ronson...Mom, is that the mini skirt you threw out about 15 years ago?

Lovely wedges, some with ruffles, and skinny jeans in multiple hues.

American Living for kids. The floor display is so good I want it all for myself.

A big home section, including Cindy Crawford Style and, for the big finish, the impressive window treatment department (go customize your windows if you're tired of showing it all off).

JCPenney, Manhattan Mall, lower levels 1 & 2.
Soft opening tomorrow, 7/23, 9am - 9:30pm. Grand opening July 31st.