Wednesday, July 22, 2009

JCPenney Manhattan Mall: Opening with a Smile

The big cube, resting up before tomorrow.

I twittered this earlier and you've probably read elsewhere that JCPenney is soft opening tomorrow, 9:00am - 9:30pm. Drop by and check out the store, but if you're looking for doorbusters like pillows for under $4, mark the 31st on your calendar. That's the grand opening day, full of fashion shows, celebrity appearances in Greeley Square, and more. Check out Racked for more info.

What's a standout in the store? Customer service. Not only has a lot of effort been put into check-out technology to get busy New Yorkers in and out of the store quickly, but JCPenney has a very friendly IRL staff on the floor. Now, I've got favorite staff I look for in several stores on 34th Street, but JCPenney is really upping the ante with "Good mornings," "Hi, how are you's?" and, yes, actual smiles. This may be difficult for New Yorkers to get used to.

Below are some pictures from a tour today, and soon you can expect some dressing room candids (beautiful lingerie dressing room at left). Because yes, JCPenney does have a maternity section. We're tucked away behind plus-size, and the selection isn't big but I spotted good basic T's and several cute, peasant-looking blouses.

Wall of colorful bras, and decidedly un-grandma shape wear.

Some I Heart Ronson...Mom, is that the mini skirt you threw out about 15 years ago?

Lovely wedges, some with ruffles, and skinny jeans in multiple hues.

American Living for kids. The floor display is so good I want it all for myself.

A big home section, including Cindy Crawford Style and, for the big finish, the impressive window treatment department (go customize your windows if you're tired of showing it all off).

JCPenney, Manhattan Mall, lower levels 1 & 2.
Soft opening tomorrow, 7/23, 9am - 9:30pm. Grand opening July 31st.


Anonymous said...

The colorful jeans and bras look so fun!

Dream Sequins said...

I have to say- I haven't been to a JCPenney in years. Too many traumatic memories of them at the mall growing up. :) I'm impressed with their fashionable selection from your pics.

Anonymous said...

Most people are sheeple and as they are in denial of obamageddon and new world order tactics of closing most stores not affiliated with them, opening new stores that are, like jc penney should not be supported. Malls are being turned into fema centers for upcoming pre-planned false flag staged government sponsored terror attacks to reduce the world's population. If the people go along with having their bank accounts stolen along with bank closings, foreclosures, food shortages, they are sure to be rounding up like the stupid sheeple they are to the 600 slave internment camps in the usa alone as their globalist satanic masters laugh all the way to their banksters robbing banks.

Tricia said...

Power to the sheeple!

Tricia said...

And Sal, the lingerie department is really impressive.
DS - So many people have said that, including me. Haven't been to JCPenney since I was a kid. But next week we're going to check out the I Heart Ronson.