Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Online Shopping Panic

Last Friday I visited Foot Locker to use a little Friends & Family discount for the husband. Here's what I tried to buy him:

The New Balance 574 and also some grey lo-tops Converse. At which he looked askance and said "what are these?" Oops, forgot he likes hi-tops. But who'd know this guy is so particular about his chucks? Please view his current pair:

Gross. And not in a punk rock way. I bought these for him back in May. Look, it's documented. This means his shoes are good for FOUR months. Is this normal? I thought only toddlers went through shoes like this.

But he hates being in stores (sweaty palms, panicked eyes, grabbing my arm and leading me to the door - I'm not exaggerating). And the NB's were too narrow for him. So Sunday I forced him to shop online as the F&F expired at midnight. Perhaps virtual shopping is the answer?

K Swiss sneaks on sale for $39.99.

Well, no, he might as well have been in Foot Locker on 34th Street. He hardly looked at the screen, his palms got sweaty and, after I put one item in his shopping basket, said "Ok, now put the computer away." Really, even though you haven't gotten the running shorts and 2nd pair of shoes you so desperately need and have been begging me to buy for weeks? I forged on, fighting him off as he tried to grab the laptop from my hands, and managed to click on another pair of striped KSwiss.

I don't care if these have thorns built into the leather, I am not returning these shoes. And from now on I'm making him go to 34th Street. That way I'll get it right the first time and save on shipping. Plus he can't wrestle me in public, right?

Foot Locker, 120 W. 34th btwn Broadway & 7th Avenue

Monday, September 29, 2008

Pretty Collar On Sale

I dropped by Gap on 34th Street the other day, and was happy to find this blouse. You can't beat it for some ruffle trim:
It doesn't choke either. It's kind of the 17th century Dutch look (left, please) without the stifling, itchy looking collar. It's on sale for $29.99. And the grey skirt with the satin bow? $9.99. Look for these on the sale rack in the back.
"Portrait of an Elderly Lady," Franz Hals, 1633, image from The National Gallery in DC.

And some extras:

I love this plaid skirt, on sale for $23.99. The black top that makes me look like a double wide is on sale for $20.99 & can also be found on the back wall, along with the basic grey top on sale for $9.97.

These short-sleeved jackets are $59.99. I'm not going to say they are great transition pieces, because if you work in an office building they are great anytime pieces. The long-sleeved striped top is $19. And the plaid...

No one who only has Irish men and women in her background should be wearing this yellow, but the ruffles are irresistible and it's on sale for $37.99. Cotton, not flannel.

This lone European Collection dress was found by the sale rack. I'm sad to say the EC is now available only online; this was returned to the store. It's a pretty and practical work dress that hangs big on me as it's an EC 12, so it fits like a 10. It's also $88, which was disappointing. I was hoping its proximity to the sales rack would make it $20.99.

Gap Herald Square, 60 W. 34th @ 6th Avenue

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hello, Kitty

How do you feel about Hello Kitty pajamas?

How about the Hello Kitty hotpants?

If you need something a little darker, try the skull robe ($19.99):

Then walk down the aisle for some real racy goods:

Latex-like leggings, $14.99

Hello Big Kitty, $19.99

I love Strawberry, never a dull moment in the lower level on 34th Street.

Strawberry, Empire State Building, 14 W. 34th near 5th Ave

Friday, September 26, 2008

Debbie Says...

Here's what Debbie has on hold till the end of the day at Daffy's Herald Square:

Ralph Lauren golf skort, $59.99, size 8, golfing never looked so good
designer unknown, looks like a sample but a good one, size 2-ish, unlined, $49.99
up-close detail of above skirt waist, pretty ruffle & stitching
striped Les Copains jacket hipster alert, $99.99, size 8
XS Wolford bodysuit, $39.99 Les Copains silk blouse, small 8, $99.99

upclose detail of above blouse black Chloe skirt, 100% silk, true 8, $149.99
size 4 black Marc Jacobs skirt, $79.99
Moschino Cheap n Chic skirt, don't let wrinkles scare you, small 8

Go, be Debbie, and pick up what you want. It's all on hold (yes, under "Debbie") at Daffy's Herald Square at the 6th floor counter. You can't really go wrong with any of it.

Daffy's Herald Square, 34th & Broadway

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Greeley 'wichcraft Opening!

I'll be seeing all you neighborhood kids tomorrow morning at 7am in Greeley Square for the opening day of the new 'wichcraft kiosk. Ok, maybe I won't be there till 9am. Or 9:15. I'm not much of a morning person, which is why I'm going to need some strong coffee to kick off my shopping, ahem, work. I can attest to the fine quality of 'wichcraft coffee, thanks to the kiosk in Bryant Park.

But I am not properly expressing my joy at 'wichcraft opening for business in Greeley Square. So.....YAY! 'wichcraft is filling a big gap for 34th Street shoppers, dwellers, and 9-5'ers. The kiosk in Herald Square will open next week, so both sides of the 34th Street Broadway Bowtie will be covered. Peanut butter sandwich cookies here I come.

Kiosk hours: 7am - 5 or 6pm. This week will be a soft opening, so it's possible hours will soon be extended to 7pm.

'wichcraft kiosk, Greeley Square btwn 33rd & 32nd @ Bdway & 6th Ave

Fashion Week Spring '09, Video #3

Xmastime makes money at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Really. Watch and see:

Those Blackberry girls were the best sports! And Afton can really sell a Blackberry. Tune in again tomorrow for the last video segment from fashion week. Although I've heard rumors of an "uncensored" edit showing up on Xmastime someday. I'm a little scared.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

*Shoe Sales*

I was looking for Posh and Beck's* online at Macy's yesterday, and was immediately distracted by this:

Whoa! It's online only which is too bad because Macy's Herald Square has some brands not found online. But I did a little shopping anyway to see how much money I could save.** Here's my cart, click to read:

I can get 11 pairs of shoes for $1,322, with a total savings of $233.50. And, duh, I need to add another pair to make it an even 12 and get half off another lowest priced boot.

I love Macy's for putting boots on sale in September. But I think BOGO'ing stuff sounds REALLY good and thus makes me buy more. Uh-oh, mixing up my 34th Street slogans here. Someone tell Payless I'm putting "BOGO" in Webster's.

More good shoe sales news: Foot Locker is having another friends and family.

So visit Macy's online and buy one, get one half off, and stock up on some sneaks at Foot Locker on 34th Street. It's the best Foot Locker in the world*** because it's really big and has a Lady Foot Locker and Kid's Foot Locker practically all in one.

* Yes, Posh & Beck's are making a personal appearance at Macy's Herald Square on Friday. Info here. I know I should go but can I deal with the crowd of women and men screaming for Becks? And one Xmastime stalking Posh? Hmmm....

**Read this Sister Wolf post on "saving money." Hahaha!

***It's true, I have been to every single Foot Locker in the world and the one on 34th Street is the best. Really.

****Keep scrolling if you want to see episode #2 of our fashion week videos!

Macy's Herald Square, 151 W. 34th btwn Broadway & 7th
Foot Locker,
120 W. 34th between Broadway & 7th

Fashion Week Spring '09, Video #2

The girls Xmastime interviewed in the video yesterday worked for LU Biscuits and were in the Bryant Park tents every day diligently handing out biscuits, namely Le Petite Ecolier, the chocolate covered ones. The crazy thing is, after eating those biscuits every day for a week (I'm still finding samples in my bags), I never got sick of them. Not once did I look at that little guy and think "ugh, not even with a gun pointed to my head." Instead I now envy not just his chic cape, but also his little wicker basket, which must be a never ending source of biscuits.

In this video Xmastime interviews the Blackberry staffers inside the Blackberry lounge at the tents. Afterwards, all I heard about was "Heather Locklear." Today's video will renew his obsession with "Heather Locklear." It will also renew my hatred for my growing-out hair, although it was a night of humidity & hurricane rain so I'd completely given up.

Show footage is Rubin Singer and Perry Ellis. Intro footage is from Custo Barcelona and Tibi. Our theme song is Stayin' Alive by the Bee Gees as interpreted by The Royal Wylds. Xmastime's classic white Adidas are courtesy of Foot Locker. My shoes that you can't really see were alice+olivia for Payless and they make me taller than Xmastime. Which is why I wore them, of course.

And many thanks to our talented media partner, 3Knights Media.

Foot Locker, 120 W. 34th between Broadway & 7th Avenue
Payless, 110 W. 34th at Broadway
3Knights Media, www.3knightsmedia.com, 718-305-1673

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fashion Week Video Teaser: He's #1

A little short video, the first in a series of four. This one stars my venerable co-host, Xmastime. Ok, they all star Xmastime. Cause who doesn't want to see him in the tents at Bryant Park for fashion week?

His fashion sourced by Foot Locker (polo), Old Navy (jeans) and Foot Locker (kicks), all on 34th Street. I'm telling you, if there's a guy in your life who needs more than just one XL, shop Foot Locker, Old Navy and Men's Wearhouse. Show footage is from Tibi and Custo Barcelona. Thanks to our media partners, 3Knights Media, for the great footage and editing.

Foot Locker, 120 W. 34th between Broadway & 7th Avenue
Old Navy, 150 W. 34th between Broadway & 7th Avenue
Men's Wearhouse, Empire State Bldg, enter on 34th btwn 5th & 6th
3Knights Media,
www.3knightsmedia.com, 718-305-1673

Monday, September 22, 2008

Rad Hourani Spring '09 Show

New York Fashion Week Spring '09 lives. I have to post my Rad Hourani pictures from his spring collection shown downtown during fashion week, because I could easily dress like this every single day for the rest of my life. Yes, major leather after 40. Hourani's show was all black on black, but his use of texture and accents kept it interesting. Perfect black tunics, slashed black leggings, some leather and perfect tall slouchy boots = daily uniform. As long as I never leave New York City.

The perfect tunic & leggings;

A shiny top & my favorite boots;

She was going the wrong way, which I loved as I got a good front shot.

My black layers;
Did I tell you this line is unisex? My man can NOT share my leggings, or wear shiny tunics;

He's also not allowed to wear boots with cropped leggings, EVER;

Nice back;

perfect minimal look;
would totally borrow his coat;

My slashed leggings, my spring coat, & my favorite belt + coat dress;

A very stylish crowd, with very hot shoes.