Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Boys Are In Town

Before it all becomes a big blur of pastels, let me wrap up a couple shows I managed to actually get into. The first day was....

Perry Ellis

Do we girls care about boy clothes? Yes! I have to say, I'm digging this era of male models: not too big, not too little, these kids are just right.

Now back to their clothes: the palette was pastel but toned down and muted. Reflection of the economic times, blah blah, I know, you're sick of hearing about the economy and its impact on the runway. Whatevs. Doesn't mean the pretty, lightest of blues used by John Crocco, designer, was boring. No, the light and airy feel of the clothes was refreshing in the heat of the Bryant Park tents (first day of fashion week and the a/c hadn't fully cranked yet). And Mr. Crocco gets kudos from me for throwing the Thai sandal down on the runway; it's perfect for the easy, beach vibe of this collection. But don't think hippy-beach, even with the sandals. This is classic, preppy-leaning beach. See below for the whys and wants.

Misc. Ellis:

  • lots of linen suits and vests, often appearing sans shirt;
  • light blue dominated, but neutral, green, and pink also came to the party;
  • mixing of prints (yay, happy to see this trend expand into spring);
  • tinted aviators. Sexy;
  • shorts stay above the knee. Finally we get to see boy legs.
great lightweight, drawstring sweaters;

my man could pull off these polka dots, hmm I'm tempted;

yes, baby, mix up those green stripes;

this could be my fave, love the soft mix of hues;

so preppy when the dots are on pants!

the sandals, grrr, baby!

All images from About.com, shot by Scott Gries/Getty Images for IMG. And Perry Ellis can be found come spring at Macy's Herald Square.


Anonymous said...

Oh Miss Fashion, what a *fabulous* post! We adore Perry Ellis, for him, or for us! (Shocking, I know, of course.)

We are loving the look, especially some of the pastels and the khaki suit. The vest? We can almost always do without the vests. Especially if they are a white knit. Bleh.

BTW, George could be styling in some of these, he knows this, right?

Muy preppy, oui?

Tricia said...

hey, princess! you know i was thinking about you for this one - such a great, lovely collection. Revolutionary no, but that's not Perry's purpose, right?! And that vest is all Yikes! but that pants, the dots were killing me, in a good way. George, are you listening? This could be your designer for spring 09.

Elizabeth said...

Very dialed-back preppy. I've always liked this look.

Lipstick said...

OOooh...those clothes are just lucious. Mmmmmm.

Imelda Matt - The Despotic Queen of Shoes said...

I like my prep with a dash of Thom Browne edge. I will agree on the quality of this seasons models. Still on the slim side but with enough muscle to carry you over the threshold...should you like that kind of thang.

Anonymous said...

i love looking at menswear as well. <3 it can be just as inspiring as womenswear! i do love the new male models as well. perfect size.

Angela said...

likely for me, bf is very stylish as well so we can have these fashion discussions and i am learning quite a bit from him.

queengilda said...

i love men who can pull off pastel colors. and i'm talking about straight men, not the gays. i love guys who wear pink and still look hot. HAWT. :D

Songy said...

PE used to be huge in the early '90s in Korea. It's refreshing to see them here.
Agree... the colour and the cut. I want my guy in that kind of look.

Syed said...

Love this collection, the colours are divine and the light fabrics are perfect for spring!

Couture Carrie said...

Great roundup - loving the preppiness!!


geri hirsch said...

umm so jealous!!

Imelda Matt - The Despotic Queen of Shoes said...

here you go...it happens around the 00:25 mark...enjoy!


Tricia said...

imelda, I love you! Poor kid, not so much an arms flailing fall, but a good slide. Bet the other girls saw that and had the fear of shiny floors struck in their hearts! The step over was such a SATC moment.

Anonymous said...

i love this collection

KATLIN said...

I love checking out their clothes, and especially stealing them for myself! Little boys clothes are good too, and cheaper!