Saturday, September 6, 2008

Abaete on TV

Here's some pics of the Abaete Spring 2009 show. I was one person back from getting into the show today when they cut off the standing room line. Luckily I left the camcorder in the office and just used my trusty digital camera to shoot these:

I'm such a big shot they let me watch the show in the lobby, on TV, while the real show is going on just steps away. See how glamorous fashion week is?

Praying to Payless shoe god, let these be in Payless come Spring 2009.

Flirty! And no one looks good in that color

Please be a unitard. I love you unitard + skirt!

Hmm, unitard+skirt to poufy pretty dress?

Yes to pinkier stockings.

Unitard, is that you? I love this, I could totally bike to work in it. And then get sent home. No, really, I know this is weird but I love weird. This is kind of why I love Laura Poretsky. That and her Payless diffusion line.

By the way, I even kissed ass by wearing these Abaete for Payless shoes:

Which was tough today after breaking in the new Abaete's yesterday, Fashion Week Day One:

Meet my new, favorite Fashion Week accessory:

**UPDATE** from Abaete's PR agency, news that makes me very happy. And shows me how bad TV picture color is:

Almost the same photo I have up there, and yet so very, very different;

Those are some hot, badass shoes and yes, they will be in Payless next spring. So praying to shoe gods does really work!

34th just west of Broadway


Anonymous said...

wait! WAIT! those last shoes? the booties. the see through lace up booties? are THOSE going to be at playless come spring 2009? if those are the ones you are talking about i am completely utterly in shoe heaven. stop payless! you are meeting all my hearts desires! i was content with alice + olivia fall 2008 and now you come up with this amazing see through bootie? what! ahh. i literally am clapping right now. in real life. i can't breathe. this is too much awesomeness for me. :SIGH: (happy sigh) =)

WendyB said...

Ha ha...that's a nice accessory you got there.

Sister Wolf said...

Wow, those shoes ARE badass! I would like to store them under my bed with the Vivienne Westwood badass boots I don't wear! Then I could not wear them both!

Tricia said...

Farren - I totally feel and embody your excitement: YESSSSS! they WILL be in payless for spring! Thanks to Abaete and payless, obvs. a brilliatn collaboration b/c those sheer booties are great, and click on the yellow dress for those shoes, which will also be in payless - this is from PR, so it's like the horse's mouth. But that bootie better hug my foot like it does on the model.
Wendy - i really love your new tag picture. that is the perfect blister size band-aid.
Sister - Please, buy the whole Abaete collection and don't wear it! I see a sister wolf fashion video in the future, and it looks good.

Elizabeth said...

Unitard. Hmmmm......

Elizabeth said...

..... is that anything like a jumpsuit? Perhaps it's uglier, buck-toothed cousin?


meliindaa. said...

thats so cool that you almost/practically got to see the show!!

hannah said...

gorgeous stuff! i love abaete.

Fifi Flowers said...

WOW... you made it into the lobby... at least you got in the door! If you didn't show us the screen... we would've thought you had a perfect seat and a lousy camera... LOL!
Payless fashion show... like Tarjay... getting the designers!

Siljesfashion said...

haha, thats funny!! Thanks for sharing this. Cant wait to see. Those last shoes are so cool!

Seeker said...

Love your new favorite Fashion Week accessory ;)

Those last shoes are great.
Thanks for sharing all this.

Always In Style said...

I have a new accessory for you -- the band aid roll-on stick. I forgot the name but it really works!

Songy said...

LOL really enjoyed reading this. :0

The Boss said...

Do you happen to know what the music they used in the show was? I can't find the artist anywhere.