Friday, September 19, 2008

Foot Locker at NYFWSpring09

Xmastime and I did a little pre-fashion week, 34th Street Foot Locker shopping again this season, but with a twist. I was having an exceedingly uninspired day, so I asked Xmastime to choose my shoes. He happily accepted, bragged about his shoe choosing abilities ("Shoes I know"), and promptly nixed my lust for Nike wrestling shoes. I still tried them on and would have got them but none in my size! Boo hoo...

Still, Xmastime did pretty good. Here's one of his picks:

shiny in the elevator, my big pink & green feet at Reem Acra, and juxtaposed with heels

The Asics Onitsuka Tigers are so comfortable, just writing about them made me put them on (they're sitting under my desk). I wanted to again feel that sweet cushioning all over. Not only are they pink, green, and light blue, they hug your instep and feel really good against your arch. But I've found Asics to be a great fitting sneaker for a woman's foot, so I shouldn't be surprised.

And nothing felt better than to ditch the heels I'd been wearing the first three days of fashion week, and put on my Tigers.

As for Xmastime, here's his favorite:

the boys, having a tender fashion week moment

What is better than these crazy Adidas?? Click to see his shirt (also available at Foot Locker, for you Notre Dame fans), as this was the evening I spilled red wine on him, after which he spilled champagne on himself. But never mind the stains, check out the very colorful Adidas with patent trim! And I just noticed that Xmastime's new shoes matched the NYFWSpring 09 colors. How does he do it?

Foot Locker
(there's Kids & the Lady on 34th Street too), 120 W. 34th between Broadway & 7th Avenue


Kira Aderne said...

love the sneakers!

a kiss!!
have a great weekend!

Elizabeth said...

Xmas is just plain astute. His shoes, your shoes, they're all just sweet.

Asics have been my running shoe of choice for years.

emily said...

i love the shoe color!

Lipstick said...

OMG!!! I loooooooove those pink and green sneakers!

Sister Wolf said...

Shit, I wanted to say what lipstick just said!

Songy said...

trainers are certainly cool these days. I used to wear Nike's florescent basketball when I was in high school and they seem to be back with vengeance.