Friday, February 27, 2009

Environmental Kicks

Is it wrong that I don't really think twice about the environment when I put on my shoes? Well, at least Foot Locker is trying to help relieve my guilt when it comes to sneakers:

And they aren't even a single bit granola looking. Introducing the Nike "Terra Humana Considered," a whole lotta name for that cute little shoe. Coming to Foot Locker on 34th Street in May, it's made with recycled materials and is stitched together, thus no toxic glues are used in production. Guilt, begone! And I really love the black and yellow.

Also, for you sneakerheads, the shoe below (low top retro version of original Jordan) is part of a package available tomorrow at Foot Locker on 34th Street. Go to the Foot Locker blog Unlocked for more info on the other two shoes. I'm personally too enamored by the purple sole and stitching to look at anything else. Sigh.

photos courtesy Foot Locker Unlocked

Foot Locker, 120 W. 34th Street between Broadway & 7th Ave.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hit the Beach at Kmart

My man's spring break is next week, so I'm fantasy vacationing on and In between getting lots of work done, of course. All the tropical daydreaming reminded me of the cute beach totes I saw at Kmart a few weeks ago:

All Joe Boxer, $16.99 and $19.99.

There were also lots of cute straw hats:

The basic floppy, the trampy cowboy, and a more refined cowgirl.

Cute belted fedoras, men's fedora (of course my favorite), classy cloche.

All are $9.99 except for the men's fedora which is $14.99. A perfect price for a hat that can get blown into the ocean and sat on in the sand with few regrets. And regrets from my Kmart trip? Not sticking around to see if I won the drawing for the free gold necklace. I still have the coupon. Do they do this every hour? This totally appeals to my church/ice cream social raffle/bingo roots. And now I'm pretty sure I know how I'm going to be spending my dotage.

Kmart, 1 Penn Plaza (250 W. 34th) btwn 7th & 8th Aves.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sales Endure on 34th Street

A small roundup of new sales section deals, after finally updating it this morning:

  • Go here to download an H&M coupon for 50% off the lowest priced item when you buy 3 items (good until the 27th).
  • Gap has BOGO half off pants till March 1st. You can even combine men's and women's pants.
  • Go here for Macy's coupon good for 20% off $100 jeans purchase.
  • Men's Wearhouse still has their BOGO Free Designer Suit Sale.
  • Aerosoles boots are $29.99 - $59.99. Look for the cute ankle moccasin boot.
  • American Eagle Outfitters has a sale on T's, BOGO $10.
  • Banana has 20% off any $100 purchase, ends today.
Happy shopping.Updated photo: Crowds gathered for Christmas shopping at Herald Square, 12/18/1952. Found on Corbis.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Closet Relief: How to Get Dressed in Under a Minute

This morning I walked into my bedroom thinking "I don't give a Three Blind Mice a** what I wear today." Which inspired this experiment: how to get dressed in under a minute on a very cold morning:

  • close eyes and pull out shirt [grey, long-sleeved Abaete, beginner's luck score]
  • keep eyes closed, grope for pants [Gap navy wide legs. Why are these still in my winter closet? Too lightweight! But I stay true to course...]
  • keep eyes closed and feel around for something woolly [Uniqlo off-white cardigan, not too pilly yet]
  • open eyes and put on coat and shoes so you don't freeze or trip & fall on way to work [puffiest coat in closet and Lady Foot Locker Nike lodunks, best commuting kicks]
Why blindly pull clothes from closet? Because NY Fashion Week is over. Fretting over how to look passably OK in tents earns one a stylecation.

But back on 34th Street tomorrow where I recommend this personal favorite stop because it looks like they've been doing a little spring cleaning:

Daffy's Herald Square, for those of you who say they get overwhelmed by the many racks, you must visit as the sixth floor was looking quite inviting on Pre-Fashion Week Friday. And how much do these shoes make me want to spend more than a minute in the closet finding them an appropriate ensemble?

All by Patrizia Pepe, who also devised this ingenious reusable bag program:

Just tie it onto your jeans & sell. Italian innovation strikes again.

Daffy's Herald Square,
34th & Broadway
Lady Foot Locker, 120 W. 34th btwn Broadway & 7th

Friday, February 20, 2009

Tadashi Shoji Fall/Winter 2009 Collection

Like a numbskull celebrating her last fashion week show, I left behind the "run-of-show" list and was kicking myself because I was very interested in the material used by Tadashi. I heard he was utilizing a little polyester to make his clothes easy to travel and easy to wear. Hmmm. Well, if I can throw one of these into a bag, travel hours, and look this good after arrival, I'm ok with it:

Want the shoes, want the belt.

Lord, that poly looks good in yellow. Think that pouf would keep its shape in a suitcase?

He always does a perfect white dress, & hark, a little beauty queen train* for old time's sake.

Granted, at its worst some dresses looked a little Homecoming Dance-ish (left, although I never looked that good at Homecoming). And on a few the fit even looked generous. Horrors, room to breathe! But who cares that this season's show was smaller, the dresses a little bigger, and the fabric possibly constructed with polyester, because Tadashi has a positive response for the recession: pretty, easy to wear frocks. Just take them in later when you can afford a personal trainer and tailor again.

*usually popular with the beauty queens, I didn't see any sashes attending Tadashi this season.

Finale vid:

Thursday, February 19, 2009

tibi Fall 2009 Collection

This show was paced beautifully. By the end I was fully desiring the "Karam Paisleys," "Firebird Prints," and fur mitts for which, sadly, there is no name on the program. I protest: if you send a hybrid, fur oven mitt/boxing glove down the runway, I want a name.

Karam paisley dress w/ fox vest, and the mitts w/ gorgeous teal sheath.

Prettiest yellow in town. I admit I'm wary of those black leggings, but they do keep the look modern.

"Doystoevsky Bloom" long dress, firebird print beaded gown, "Pasha" beaded gown

Are not tibi's prints lust-worthy? I thought this collection, inspired by the Russian fairytale "The Tale of the Firebird," was a great interpretation of classic Russian style. Not too Tsarina or Catherine the Great, but just exotic enough to be interesting. Here is finale video which shows the colors much better than my soon-to-be-replaced camera.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Victorinix Fall/Winter 2009 Show

I'm not much of a celeb stalker,* but when I got to standing room on a riser in the New York Public Library and saw what looked to be Marc Jacobs front row at Victorinox, I must admit to a lot of picture taking. Oh, well, it's my first, close-up Marc sighting post-rehab & gym. Years ago I passed him standing on his doorstep at his Soho store and thought he looked so cute with his glasses and kind of nerdy, normal-body look.

Marc+friends who appear to be wearing slouchy suede boots and lots of visible chest. And maybe a tube top.
Mr. Jacobs intently watched the show, the debut 1909 Victorinox collection of his friend, Pierre Henri Mattout. And for good reason, this men's collection is very appealing and deserving of many serious, intent looks. While watching, I thought "urban sporty nerd." It was a lot more than that, as can be read here. But M. Mattout gets my vote for best inspiration for NYFW Fall '09: "rumspringa" Amish teens hanging in Times Square. Yes, a solid theme. Which explains why this collection seamlessly blended nerd + sneakers + puffy jackets.

Amish nerdy, kind of nerdy. And looks like my camera is dying.

Want, want the tennis shoes, and jacket on left. Really I'd wear a lot of this collection.

Dear Heterosexual Man: Just give in, carry a chic bag already. You don't have to fight it anymore, it's beyond your control. The bag brigade has overrun you and yr. messenger bag.

The finale video, where I shamelessly shoot "the models" (Marc clapping):

*unless you are Prince, LeBron James, Chad Pennington, Ghostface Killah, or a Marley brother, esp. Damian.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Carlos Miele Fall 2009

This post is SWAK to the cute, tall PR dude at Carlos Miele yesterday who let me run into standing room last minute. Another Brazilian musician starred. I love the Miele shows.

And I imagine a Carlos Miele would fill big gaps in my closet if I were the urban girl who bought A. Wang and DarylK and Monarchy (hard edge!), but then needed something more upscale, or wanted to play dress up, for a little event. I need me some of this life, check out these:

Click to get closer to those great booties. And I love yellow and black in check.

Deep purple fur, coming and going.


I fell for this little dress, hard.

Coming and going again, pleated chiffon dress w/embroidered sash. Both views are fabulous.

And the live music was, again, a great accompaniment to the show (remember Seu Jorge last season?). Brazilian multi-instrumentalist Max de Castro performed, playing his guitar (big, light green Ibanez?) while working the runway. Brazilian beats meet Miles Davis, and couldn't have suited the collection more. Here's a shaky video of the finale (so hard to keep that little camera still) with Max de Castro playing:

Perfect soundtrack for private party on veranda in Miele silk gown drinking champagne enjoying the view and warm ocean breeze.....