Friday, March 21, 2008

Nike Love

On the runway, fall 2008 New York collections: feather and fur details, open backs, lovely jewel tones (think eggplant, aubergine and mustard), one-shoulder dresses, toned-down & cranked-up bubble skirts, more menswear, the return of leather pants, 1940's styling, fur trim, and head accessories like thin headbands, hats, and modest chignons. The bun is back.

On my feet, fall 2008 New York collections: Nike kicks. To those who are well-acquainted with my former shoe habits, this will come as a complete shock. Since waaay back, nothing, neither rain, sleet nor snow, stopped me from donning stilettos. My devotion to heels knew no limits, and never could I be tall enough. But now I've got a little sneaker obsession and am digging it.

Here's why:

Pretty! And they make me happy when I look down on my fluorescent yellow laces. Yes, I'm young again. I can't promise that these Nike lo dunks will immediately take 10-20 years off your age, but it sure as hell feels like it when you're wearing them. Super comfortable, they saved me during tedious hours of fashion show waiting.

And here's why:

Sitting in the office (yes, I have big feet), in the elevator going to fashion week...I'm glad Melissa from Foot Locker talked me into these black and shiny pink Nike "lasistas." Why? Because they matched my press pass, serendipitous! These shoes also fulfill a desire I've had for a long time: owning a pair of track shoes like I had in high school. Sleek, streamlined and springy on the feet, they make you feel like hurdling. If only they had spikes, might've helped me manage pushy papparazzi...

Both available at Lady Foot Locker on 34th Street, the lo dunks (technically they are called "Dunk Lo") are $74.99 and the lasista's are now $49.99.

Lady Foot Locker, 120 W. 34th between 6th & 7th


Anonymous said...

I love nike kicks, especially those funky bright ones! :)