Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bella, Aldo

I've never really shopped Aldo in the past, but since $500+ for designer shoes has become de rigueur, I took a serious second look at the store on 34th Street the other day.

Not a bad way to fulfill your Louboutin et al. cravings for at least a quarter of the price. I was immediately taken by the pretty peep-toe wedge for work (far left, $70) and the chunky wooden peep-toe for fun (2nd from left, $100). Certainly there are a lot of the "trampy" at Aldo (see aggressively sexy shoe on the far right, $90, which I'm quite fond of), but it's easy to spot the diamonds in the rough.

Most prices run $90-$100, but the ankle strap is on sale for $59.98, and the cork patent is on sale for $29.98. And yes, wear your new peep-toe shoes with different colored stockings till it gets summer warm.

Celebrity match-up: Lindsey + Aldo= (on sale, $34.98). If it was patent it'd be a dead ringer.

Aldo, 15 W. 34th between 5th & 6th