Friday, August 31, 2012

34th Street Weekend Sale Picks: Labor Day Fun & Fall Goodness!

Intern LCogs writes up sales on 34th Street for the weekend...

#1. H&M

Because they're having a Labor Day sale on an assortment of fall items! This jacket I tried on is only $30... so those of you in need of a sophisticated fall jacket, head over to H&M this weekend. The jacket comes in pink, tan, maroon, green, navy blue and black. Make sure you check out all their other various sale items as well. There's a lot to chose from! 47 W. 34th Street.

#2. Banana Republic 

Because they have clothing with reduced prices and tons of sale racks on the second floor! The lace tank and tan cardigan are on sale, and that's the softest cardigan on the block.  17 W. 34th Street. 

#3. Forever 21 

Because they are having a Labor Day Sale, Buy 1 Get 1 Free! And for those of you participating in the extravagant Electric Zoo festival this weekend, Forever has a ton of really cheap neon pieces to create the perfect ensemble. 50 W. 34th Street.

#4. Who.A.U

Because they have great sale racks hidden in the back by the fitting rooms! There are comfortable v-necks, neon tanks, pencil skirts, crop top hoodies, nice fall sweaters and much more. 22 W. 34th Street.

Have too much fun this weekend! :)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Daffy's Herald Square: The Final Weeks

I received a notice that it's the final weeks of the Daffy's liquidation sale, so I stopped by Herald Square to sob in the dressing room and check out the designer loot. People, it's still pretty good. If you want labels, go to the 5th floor and peruse all the racks in front of the dressing room.

Colorful patterns from Bleifrei, both now under $50.

The big shots: Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti blouse, about $100, and a Giambattista Valli bow-tie dress, around $490. The camera can't do that dress justice, it's perfect.

A perfect representation of what we'll be missing post-Daffy's: suede net, open-toe booties.

Oh how I desire this Lucien Pellat sweater. What's more perfect for fashion week? Also around $490.

Daffy's Herald Square
Herald Center, 34th Street and Broadway

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Win a Joe Fresh Gift Card!

My company, the 34th Street Partnership, is celebrating their thirty four hundred likes on Facebook by giving away a gift card to one of our new stores in the 34th Street district! Leave a comment on our 34th Street Facebook contest post before noon, EST today and you're entered to win a $50 Joe Fresh gift card!

This Joe Fresh top is on sale for $9!

Good luck!

Joe Fresh
215 West 34th Street, just west of Seventh Avenue

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

RACHEL Rachel Roy: The Fringe Tote

If I'm in Macy's Herald Square, I'm on a perpetual bag hunt. Last time it was Dooney & Bourke, and today it's RACHEL Rachel Roy.

At first I wasn't sure if I had to have it, but I kept walking around it and soon I was smitten.

That fringe. It's so controlled and professional, I want to use this for a briefcase. And at $99 it's an affordable and stylish option.

And then there's the black fringe. Find RACHEL Rachel Roy bags in the Impulse section, currently on the third floor during renovations.

Macy's Herald Square
151 West 34th Street between Broadway and Seventh Avenue

Monday, August 27, 2012

Winter Boots On Sale Now At Orva

Orva Shoes is closing soon on 34th Street, and everything's on sale for 30% - 50% off, including brands like Dr. Martens, Timberland, Dansko, Birkenstock, Merrell, and Hunter boots.

I picked up a pair of Sorel boots for 50% off. I am so set for winter. If only they had the toddler version the whole family would be good to go, as I got my husband a similar pair of Sorels at Famous Footwear the end of last season.

Sorel boots similar to the ones I bought for 1/2 off.
I really wanted the Joan of Arctic's but none were available in my size.

Go soon, sizes are dwindling fast!

Orva Shoes
34 West 34th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues

Saturday, August 25, 2012

34th Street Weekend Sale Picks: Jeans & Shoes

Intern LCogs writes up sales on 34th Street for the weekend...

#1. Old Navy
Because all jeans are on sale. There are so many colors to choose from and they're only $29. I also thought these sweaters were cute and if you buy one you earn $10 of store credit. The in-store and online sale only lasts until August 26th so be sure to take advantage! 150 W. 34th Street.

#2. Express
Because all women's jeans are only $49.90, and all men's jeans are buy 1 get 1 for $29.90. Also, these dresses and the two shirts below are 40% off. I wish I could have purchased all of it! Manhattan Mall, Level 1 (33rd St. & 6th Ave.).

#3. Orva Shoes
Because the store is closing, so everything must go! Which means, basically every pair of shoes is on sale. 34 W. 34th Street.

#4. Uniqlo
Because their jeans are only $29.90! They also have a bunch of different things on sale on their second floor, like sweaters, gym wear, t-shirts and tanks. 31 W. 34th Street.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Try These: New Downy Infusions

Last week I stopped by the Style Coalition Lounge for the Downy and Elle Summer Scent and Style Soiree. I was not expecting to be wholly engrossed by fabric softener, but guess what? It was fascinating listening to Downy's perfumer (aka "nose", what I now want to be when I grow up) talk about the new Downy Infusions' bottom notes, top notes, and...well, I wish I'd taken notes.

How pretty are the new Downy Infusions bottles? They'll look gorgeous on your laundry shelves. The scents, too, are lovely and available in a wide range of bouquets. From floral to spicy, Downy has your olfactory preferences covered. Full disclosure: I don't usually buy fabric softener. I've got a toddler who suffers from eczema so I had to ban anything scented from the laundry. But I'm keeping my Infusions from the gift bag to use in my hand-washables, as a mom needs to indulge even if her laundry can't.

Look for Downy Infusions at Kmart in the 34th Street district.

Everything at the Style Coalition Lounge was pretty, flowery, summery...

...except me, as I insist on wearing black in August. Standing with gorgeous girls Yuli Ziv of Style Coalition and Jenni of ISpyDIY.

250 West 34th Street at Seventh Avenue

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

All in a Row: Aerosoles for Fall

Have you got your ducks in a row for back-to-school?

 How are your fall boots, wedges, and flats?


As you can see, Aerosoles 34th Street is here to help. Color, comfort, and style are all front and center in their 34th Street store. Stock up and enjoy!

36 West 34th Street

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Holiday '12 Sparkle at Express

I can't get enough Holiday in August. Seriously, I'm done with sweating on the subway platform and baking on the street, bring on the holiday previews! But it would be nice to keep the weekend beach option going strong through September, thanks.

Express, giving great hi-lo sparkle.

At the Express Winter 2012 preview, I was really feeling the shoes, accessories, dresses, and sweaters. OK, everything.

WANT bootie.

Wish I had a close up of sparkle flat.

Clutch on right. Mine.

Express is hitting it out of the park with shoes again.

Some miscellaneous winter fun. 

Look for it all in one of our 34th Street stores come holiday time!

Manhattan Mall level one, 33rd Street and Sixth Avenue

7 West 34th Street just west of Fifth Avenue

Monday, August 20, 2012

Gap Icons at Herald Square

I've been intrigued by the fitted boyfriend shirt and ankle-zip legging I've seen advertised by Gap for fall. They're in store at Herald Square, and I tried a few on quickly last week.

I'm not crazy about a capri for fall unless I'm wearing a pump. The boyfriend shirts I love: fit is great, and they come in many different plaids in addition to solid colors. The boyfriend shirts are part of Gap's "The Icon Shop." I'm a sucker for signature pieces "updated with a modern twist." More icons, please!

Gap Herald Square
60 W. 34th Street

Friday, August 17, 2012

34th Street Weekend Sale Picks: Racks & Colors!

Intern LCogs writes up sales on 34th Street for the weekend...[Note: this post was scheduled to be published Friday, but was not made live! We apologize for the malfunction but still encourage you to check out Ruby and Jenna's really cute sales rack this week]

#1. Ruby and Jenna

Because they have a 50% off sale rack! They have a shelf of colorful jeans for 50% off as well (I tried on this orange pair and they were incredibly comfortable). I absolutely adore everything in this store. 1282 Broadway.

#2. jcpenney

Because they have a large clearance section! There are so many different pieces of clothing to chose from: shorts, dresses, shirts, tanks and jackets. Manhattan Mall, Lower Levels 1 & 2 (33rd St. & 6th Ave.).

#3. H&M

Because they've got a fantastic sale rack on the second floor! Apologies for the nude bra with the lacy shirt... I would suggest a black bra or tank to wear underneath. All of the clothing I tried on was from the sale rack on the second floor, aside from the jeans (which are only $20 and super comfortable). 47 W. 34th Street. 

#4. Strawberry

Because they are having a storewide clearance sale! Such a great deal, and tons of cute clothes to chose from. Shop till you drop! Manhattan Mall, Levels 1 & 2 (33rd St. & 6th Ave.).

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The New Macy's Herald Square Shoe Salon

I was expecting very nice, but on my first visit today Macy's Herald Square's new shoe department greatly surpassed my expectations. It's a beautiful new world on the second floor, and a bastion of  serene surroundings.

Yes, I said "serene." I love Macy's Herald Square, and I love the bustle of the first floor. But arriving on the second floor one is immediately hit with some serious zen shoe shopping. It's glorious. It's beautiful. Shoes are everywhere. But not for a moment does a girl feel hemmed in, nor desperate to grab a salesperson. Salespeople are everywhere. Also, according to Twitter, Oprah was there today. 

The Shoe Salon is on the Broadway side, and is not yet finished. But don't let that stop you from going now, because the floor is already full of tempting styles.

A sale nook. So very calm and organized.

One of my favorite parts of the new design is the circular boutiques of designer shoes that run down the center of the floor. But along the walls is another favorite: the sale nooks. Brilliant. If you remember the old shoe department, the sale racks were everywhere. This was a little overwhelming. Now you can sail gracefully from nook to nook, browsing the sale racks, without feeling like you missed that perfect pair of boots. Which I once did, right before fashion week, because I couldn't find the mate to that perfect boot. Tragic.

The boot looked nothing like these Truth or Dare boots by Madonna. But I could go with those, too. 

I won't even talk about the new, hi-tech inventory and ordering system. For now, I'm just enjoying the aesthetics of a great shoe-shopping environment.

Macy's Herald Square
151 W. 34th Street

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Macy's INC Men's Collection

Last week Macy's had an exclusive evening party with Max Irons as the new face (and voice) of INC to show off some the men's collection, and we sent Intern LCogs to capture the event and the fabulous clothes... 

The new INC men's collection is perfect for the upcoming fall season, with the dark gray and black color scheme and the sleek jackets. I loved the iconic military style pea coat with the leather patched shoulders and large collar.

The casual looks with jeans, striped tops, and multi-textured jackets were a big hit. This is streamlined, stylish clothing for the urban man. You know, like NY'rs who wear black daily!

During the event, male models displayed the chic, clean cut ensembles, while the party attendees mingled, sipped on mojitos and photographed the clothing.

Sadly, I only captured blurry shots of Max at the party, but we can all look for enormous photos of him in the INC department at Macy's Herald Square while you're picking up some new fall clothes for your man.

Macy's Herald Square
151 W. 34th Street