Thursday, August 23, 2012

Try These: New Downy Infusions

Last week I stopped by the Style Coalition Lounge for the Downy and Elle Summer Scent and Style Soiree. I was not expecting to be wholly engrossed by fabric softener, but guess what? It was fascinating listening to Downy's perfumer (aka "nose", what I now want to be when I grow up) talk about the new Downy Infusions' bottom notes, top notes, and...well, I wish I'd taken notes.

How pretty are the new Downy Infusions bottles? They'll look gorgeous on your laundry shelves. The scents, too, are lovely and available in a wide range of bouquets. From floral to spicy, Downy has your olfactory preferences covered. Full disclosure: I don't usually buy fabric softener. I've got a toddler who suffers from eczema so I had to ban anything scented from the laundry. But I'm keeping my Infusions from the gift bag to use in my hand-washables, as a mom needs to indulge even if her laundry can't.

Look for Downy Infusions at Kmart in the 34th Street district.

Everything at the Style Coalition Lounge was pretty, flowery, summery...

...except me, as I insist on wearing black in August. Standing with gorgeous girls Yuli Ziv of Style Coalition and Jenni of ISpyDIY.

250 West 34th Street at Seventh Avenue