Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Best Show in Town

The FIT Senior Show is really what everyone wishes fashion week was like: lots of yelling, catcalling, a few models who just can't walk in very high heels, and multiple segments punctuated by music changes (knitwear, children, lingerie, evening, and daywear). And there's no showstopper like a smiling kid sprinting down the runway. Although note to FIT: it's a little jarring to see the kids right after the lingerie segment.

And this year there were even some men thrown into the mix.

Why do the guys always stop 5 ft. from the end of the runway? Love the short pants in 2nd shot.

I appreciate some creative evening wear for men. Not quite sure about the white jacket and gloves, but high points for innovation.

Some pretty lingerie looks. Love the creamy hues of 1st pic.

Always the cutest kids because none of them act like child models. Although #2 was working her coat on that runway.

Daywear and knits, really impressive segments. #'s 2 & 3 for me, please!

Great leggings, fabulous knit, and who's selling that kimono? I need it!

Some fun evening wear...

And two favorite, innovative pieces. Wish I had better shots.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Blame It on The Post-It

I must apologize for forgetting all about the $50 gift certificate drawing. The problem? No Post-it note on my computer screen. These days if I don't Post-it note it, I'm screwed. So if you haven't put your name in the hat yet, go here and comment. Drawing tomorrow at noon, because my Post-it says so.

And for some visuals, a few wild pics from Monday night's FIT Senior Show. I think this class was even stronger than last year's, and the show was, as always, a totally enjoyable fashion experience. See?

Plaid and shiny leggings, furry skirts, and big fans. Now that's entertainment.

Many more FIT pictures tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Macy's Friends & Family

Something's weird with me lately, because suddenly I'm dreaming of bedroom sets. Normally I could care less about shams, matching window treatments, and pillows placed perfectly on one's bed. Instead I've got 4 down pillows with mismatched covers and two smaller pillows, one embroidered with the capitol of DC and the other with meandering flowers. My man won't let me throw either out. He has much stronger opinions about these things than I do. Here's an email exchange from about a week ago:

From: me
Subject line: do you hate this?

His reply:


See? Perhaps I need to word my subject lines differently. But, now that Macy's Herald Square is having their F&F event, I may take the window treatment plunge. The Herald Square store does have the best home furnishings department.

Starting tomorrow, April 29th, through Monday, May 4th, Macy's Friends & Family, get an extra 25% off, restrictions apply, read the fine line, and use this code online,
MACYSFF, and print up this flyer for in store use:
Thanks to M80 Newsroom for the flyer link.

Macy's Herald Square, 151 W. 34th btwn Broadway & 7th

Monday, April 27, 2009

The New Berry @ Manhattan Mall

Way before the grand opening of JCPenney, signs of a Manhattan Mall rebirth are already evident. One can always take the pulse of The Man Mall by the state of Strawberry, the store that has outlived several different homes around the mall during renovations to finally land on the second floor in a brand spanking new abode. Remember my dark and stormy Strawberry photo shoot in their temporary spot with makeshift dressing rooms? Yes, I am very excited to shoot in the new spot. It's so big and open and airy, oh, I could cry.

The New Strawberry on the second floor of Manhattan Mall.

Strawberry socks!

Strawberry hats and flip-flops!

What's good enough for Olivia Palermo....anyway, who needs a celebrity/socialite endorsement when you always find what you need, like a solid umbrella on a day of city thunderstorming? Thanks, Berry.

Totes umbrella from Strawberry, $12.99.

Strawberry Manhattan Mall, l. 2 (their 1st flr will open soon & carry mostly accessories)
33rd & 6th Avenue

Sunday, April 26, 2009

M Willy at H&M Herald Square

My Matthew Williamson @ H&M Herald Square:

Group accessories shots. The scarf is pretty, but a blah color on me. The very shiny pink belt I just couldn't bring myself to do.

Same for the bright, peacock cardigans. Totally cute for some, but definitely not me.

The necklace and clutch are both over the top, almost in a really good way. I go back and forth about the necklace: too Claire's? And yes, the clutch is that shiny.

I can only describe this T-shirt as "ugly." Horrid color on me. Can anyone wear these colors well?

Impossible getting one's hands on the yellow version of this. A really good piece.

I didn't try on the dresses at Herald Square (nothing stood out) and couldn't get my hands on the peacock dress, but saw it on a girl in the dressing room and it looked just OK. The fit irl was totally different from various celeb pictures seen online.

All in all, this was a fun but spotty collection. I'm still very curious about Part Two, being released on May 14th, as the mens will be involved, and, as AnA says, the fabulous Pucci-esque prints.

H&M Herald Square, 34th & 6th

Friday, April 24, 2009

Make a Date: JCPenney Opening

We have a date for the JCPenney Grand Opening Day in Manhattan Mall! I'm pretty ecstatic to hear July 31st is scheduled to be Penney's big opening day. Woo hoo! And look closely below: a peek at an enormous JCPenney sign in the middle of the mall. Excited yet? You know I am. To celebrate I'm browsing the I 'Heart' Ronson on sale now at JCPenney online. (Dear JCP: Please bring discounted Ronson to Manhattan Mall, thanks).

You can see the old Strawberry makeshift store on 1. The sign-in-progress peeking through.

Shiny, pretty new second floor, and the escalators down to LL1 & LL2, JCP's new home.

And some I 'Heart' Ronson picks from the website:

Dresses and romper are $19.99.

Romper ($26.99), cardi ($12.99), and maxi ($42.99).

JCPenney Manhattan Mall, Lower Levels 1 & 2, opening July 31st.