Monday, April 27, 2009

The New Berry @ Manhattan Mall

Way before the grand opening of JCPenney, signs of a Manhattan Mall rebirth are already evident. One can always take the pulse of The Man Mall by the state of Strawberry, the store that has outlived several different homes around the mall during renovations to finally land on the second floor in a brand spanking new abode. Remember my dark and stormy Strawberry photo shoot in their temporary spot with makeshift dressing rooms? Yes, I am very excited to shoot in the new spot. It's so big and open and airy, oh, I could cry.

The New Strawberry on the second floor of Manhattan Mall.

Strawberry socks!

Strawberry hats and flip-flops!

What's good enough for Olivia Palermo....anyway, who needs a celebrity/socialite endorsement when you always find what you need, like a solid umbrella on a day of city thunderstorming? Thanks, Berry.

Totes umbrella from Strawberry, $12.99.

Strawberry Manhattan Mall, l. 2 (their 1st flr will open soon & carry mostly accessories)
33rd & 6th Avenue


Seeker said...

Hmmmm.... Strawberry... looks yummy...LOL


Angela said...

hmm.. i like the plaid umbrella. i am looking for a small one just in case it ever rain in Ca....

Grayburn said...

Oh man I miss shopping in the US...all the choices! I just got back from Hawaii and really had a blast shopping around.

xo Grayburn