Monday, April 20, 2009

The Kindness of Women: Maternity Shopping

We love to get our girlfriends gifts, so when they are expecting, we go shopping. Problem is, maternity is a little scary for those of us who aren't typically familiar with ENORMOUS elastic panels on the front of our pants. As this is a big, stretchy mystery side of retail most of us are unfamiliar with, I'll keep an eye on 34th Street maternity through the next couple months. Prioirities are: not hideous scary, and not hideous expensive.

Last week I dropped by Old Navy expecting cute, inexpensive dresses, but only found one enormous muumuu thing reminiscent of flowery, tent-like maternity dresses seen in old family photos. So I went straight for the maternity tanks. If your friend wears classic men's style tanks all summer long, will she stop because she's pregnant and instead prefer big flowered creations? No. These tanks (left) were 2 for $14 in store and come in lots of colors. Perfect. The rest of the selection was kind of blah. Online, however, Old Navy delivers a lot more.

At H&M, the maternity situation is similarly bleak. I was hoping for a little more, especially as they have the cutest label name ("H&M Mama") and no online store. There were basic black pants and a possibly very attractive denim skirt (maternity lacks hangar appeal), but few charming tops or dresses. In contrast, their kids and infant section is bursting with color and cuteness. I definitely recommend H&M for one-stop baby shopping on 34th Street, but that's for later. I'll continue to drop in on H&M Mama to see if anything cute comes in store for our chic pregger girlfriends.

Then there is Daffy's Herald Square, where there are racks of dresses on sale on the 6th floor with empire waists, full skirts, and pretty designs. Most are under $20, some under $15, and all can see a girl through several months of expanding waists with style (just go up a size or two). I'd also try Forever 21 for inexpensive, trendy dresses, but only if she was petite pre-pregnancy as I'd worry about their junior cut.

More maternity later. Let me know if you're looking for anything specific and I'll keep an eye out. I'm currently working on a desperate leggings request.

Who's got maternity on 34th Street:

Gap, 60 W. 34th Street
H&M Herald Square on 34th @ 6th Avenue
Macy's Herald Square, 151 W. 34th btwn Broadway & 7th

Old Navy, 150 W. 34th Street between Broadway & 7th


Lipstick said...

I totally giggled out loud at the giant elastic front mention! And speaking from experience (twice) those elastic things are scary even to the pregnant one!

eeps. said...

one of my bff was preggers last year and she actually didnt end up buying any maternity wear bc she shops a lot at forever21, and with all the babydoll/empire waist tops and dresses they had, she didn't need maternity wear at all.

Tricia said...

Lipstick - I bet! They are daunting.
eeps - good to hear the irl story. I think this could easy get a girl through the spring and summer.

Seeker said...

Maternity shopping... not my cup of tea :)

Hope everything is ok with with, darling!!!!


arms.akimbo said...

Liz Lange forever.

Tricia said...

IF ONLY WE HAD TARGET ON 34TH STREET!!! but i think she's going into department stores with her private line again soon.