Friday, September 30, 2011

34th Street Weekend Sale Picks: Sweaters and Jeans

#1.  Gap 
Because sweaters are 40% off. And we all need a bumblebee sweater.  60 West 34th Street

#2.  American Eagle Outfitters
Because select jeans are $29.99, including these flares, below.  40 West 34th Street

#3.  Aerosoles
Because in addition to some leftover summer seriously reduced, there's a fall sale that includes some tempting lace-ups.  36 West 34th Street

Not the lace-ups obviously, but cute and on sale.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Daffy's 50th Anniversary on Icing

Those hems are buried in icing! Love it.
Last week was Daffy's 50th Anniversary party, and they celebrated in Greeley Square with a runway cake. No joke, the models walked on icing maybe five inches thick, and not a single one slipped and fell. It was still a great show, anyway. What? Please, you know everyone at fashion shows love a good fall! It's the whole long skinny arms and legs flailing thing.

The styling in this show was beautiful. I want this entire outfit.
Those boots are so cute I'd take them post-icing runway walking. Photo courtesy of Daffy's.

Seriously, though, I had a great time at the show. I've done some whack runway shows myself in the past (involving shopping mall food courts, really slobbery giant poodles, Wizard of Oz costumes, sparklers, bunnies, doggie accidents on the runway...the list goes on and on) but I never walked on icing. And I have to admit it, this show made me nostalgic. The Daffy's models worked it even towards the end of the show when the icing was a mess, like sidewalk curbs the day after it snows in New York City mess.

The icing aftermath.
I join many a devoted Daffy's fan when I say "Thank you for everything, Daffy's!" Greeley Square was packed, probably the highest attendance we've ever had for an event there, and that just speaks to the great love us New Yorkers have for Daffy's. Keep bringing us those fabulous shoes, leather vests, dog sweaters and long cashmere cardigans at your ridiculous low prices. Truly, Irving Shulman, the founder of Daffy Dan's Bargain Town, started a beautiful thing 50 years ago.

It was a crush of Daffy's fans in Greeley Square.

Daffy's Herald Square 34th Street and Broadway

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Previewing Uniqlo at Bryant Park

This post first appeared today on the Bryant Park blog. I'm repurposing! And I'm anticipating Friday, October 21st, when we on 34th Street will have our very own Uniqlo. See? SwamiLeon has been hard at work. Bless you, SwamiLeon.

As we all eagerly anticipate the grand opening of not just one but two Uniqlos in Midtown (including a three-story space on 34th Street), the Japanese retailer has teased us with pop-ups all over town. Now Bryant Park has one of her own, a formidable space on the southwest corner of 42nd Street and Sixth Avenue.

Yes, this is the same space Target well-utilized to kick-off their Liberty of London and Missoni collaborations. Uniqlo will be in residence here until the 8th of October. I highly recommend a visit to properly ring in the fall season with some packable down coats, vests, cashmere sweaters, and a perfect tapered jean.
Resisting Mickey and Minnie T's is impossible.

It's been years since I tried on Uniqlo in the Soho store, but it was everything I remembered it to be: great fitting, well-cut inexpensive clothing that focus on the basics. Somehow Uniqlo's basics are never boring.

Voila: A great basic to wear with skinny jeans or leggings. Mine above are the Uniqlo skinny fit tapered and they fit like a designer jean. These are $49.90. I'm trying to show off the boat-neck shoulder detail that makes this staple modern and chic. This tunic ($149.90 for 100% cashmere) also comes in a deep red color but only in XS because it's fabulous so all us Midtown shoppers have snatched up the Ss, Ms, Ls, and XLs. Want to see more? Peruse...more photos at the Bryant Park blog, where the jump break isn't broken as mine seems to be...but if I've already convinced you with my one adorable tunic go to 42nd and Sixth pronto before you miss out on other gorgeous colors in your size.

Uniqlo Pop-Up Boutique 1095 Sixth Avenue at 42nd Street
Tricia Lewis of Fashion Herald is our Bryant Park Shopper  

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

In the LC Plaza

Didn't get enough of editors, bloggers, and poseurs, etc. this past New York Fashion Week? Good, then enjoy the below shot by my fashion week assistant, Sarah.

Who said no one should be seen in denim shorts at #NYFW?
I wonder if she was just passing by, and wondering WTF? Adorable.

Well done, Sarah!  I hope these two hang out together all the time, at least for the sake of their bags.

Shoe and bag perfection. It also doesn't hurt to have a boy accessory in blue.

Vlov-Qingqing Wu for Spring 2012

Luckily I had some help this past Fashion Week from my co-workers, Sarah and Lindsey. Many grateful thanks to them! Below is Sarah's first New York Fashion Week show review; she is also very handy with a camera, so I'll be showing her "street shots" from Lincoln Center soon.

At VLOV, despite the clich├ęd opening that provoked laughter from stiff lipped fashion editors (Dun dun dun… an ominous Don LaFountainesque voice spelt out the name of the line), Richard Wu’s designs saves the day. 

Although he was named as one of the top ten Chinese designers at Chinese Fashion Week this year, it was designer Qing-Qing Wu's (Richard) debut show at NYFW. When we were told he was inspired by the letter V, I was afraid of seeing low V neck tees on male models (is Snookie here?).  Instead, sleek sport suits in muted colors paraded down the runway in gray, black, cobalt blue and white, in lightweight fabrics like nylon and distressed linen. I saw minimalistic suit jackets as outerwear with asymmetrical seams and zippers that would fit right in on the streets of Manhattan.  Some designs were decidedly inspired by womenswear, including a fabulous short sleeved jacket with ruched shoulders.

Finale in blue.

The real stars of the show however, were the moccasins with a cut out heel in black and gray. They were given some twitter love by both Ford Models and Milk Studios ( “Exclamation points in our eyes!”). 

Ed. note: Get a good view of the moccasins in the official Mercedes Benz video below. I will not deny that I saw exclamation points in my eyes upon viewing.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Meet Bare Escentuals Master Artist Bravon Pascua

Book a Friday make-under appointment by the end of day Wednesday and get a free gift at the event! Call 212-220-1900 and use promo code "34SP."

This is a big week at the Bare Escentuals boutique in Herald Square, and you will only look more fabulous and glowing because of it. Master Artist Bravon Pascua will be in the store Thursday and Friday with the Bare Escentuals National Artistry Team to give you the best beauty tips of the season.

I know it only says Thursday, but he'll be there Friday, too. The party with food and beverages, however, is Thursday.  What, you're into fine print? Read more details here.

This event continues on Friday the 30th, when from 1-7pm you can meet and greet with The Master (I'm thinking you can just call him Bravon) and get a make-under by a National Artist. Call 212-220-1900 by the end of the day on Wednesday, book a make-under appointment for Friday, use promo code "34SP" (that's us) and you'll get a free gift at your appointment. Nothing like a free beauty gift!

Bare Escentuals Herald Square 44 W. 34th Street between 5th & 6th Avenues

Friday, September 23, 2011

34th Street Weekend Sales Picks: The Liz Week Edition

#1.  JCPenney
Because it's Liz Week, and you get extra savings when you buy Liz Claiborne this weekend. Go here to enter their 7 Days of Style contest and check out Facebook exclusives. Look for the cargo vest, below right, this poncho, and then go pick up that really cute I heart Ronson dress before I buy them all up.   Manhattan Mall, lower levels  1 & 2, 33rd Street and Sixth Avenue

#2.  Old Navy
Because they are having a killer BOGO sale: In store only through Sunday, look for mix-n-match BOGO for 75% off items all over the store. See if you can BOGO these faux motorcycle jackets and get the traditional black with the more unusual light brown.   150 W. 34th Street

#3.  Daffy's 
Because they just celebrated their 50th Anniversary in Greeley Square yesterday, right outside of their Herald Square store, with a huge "cakewalk," thick icing layer and all (see crappy iPhone video below for icing finale). Go to Daffy's Herald Square for the shearling sale and other great fall/winter items for a lot less.   Herald Center, 34th Street and Broadway

Thursday, September 22, 2011

All About the Diva: Swarovski Wings of Fantasy Party!

Sweet little Wings of Fantasy guys. 

New collection? It's time for a party! At Swarovski this winter it's all about the diva stage fantasy, so come celebrate the new Wings of Fantasy collection at the 34th Street and Seventh Avenue boutique tomorrow evening. Here are some details to lure you into their fabulous, crystal-encrusted fantasy:

-Gift with purchase over $150
-Paparazzi moments on the red carpet
-Delicious cupcakes and beverages
-Mini makeovers by the fabulous Cristina of Sephora 

Those little guys up there are just a tiny representation of the Wings of Fantasy collection. Go here to check out more, as the collection is not yet available online. Personally, I'm dying for the necklace.

Swarovski Penn Plaza 34th Street and Seventh Avenue

Bebe's White Theme for Spring 2012

I wish I had a good shot from the Bebe Spring 2012 show last week, but this was the best I could do:

Are you freaked out? Is this Ghost Runway? Nope, just an all-white show.

I was really trying to get a shot of the big white bag a lot of the models were holding, because it was ADORABLE. I was fixated on it and also the big, messy white afros. The shots above capture the essential theme: white. I kind of loved it namely because a one-color, Truman Capote party theme was the last thing I expected from Bebe. Also, the clothes I can get on board with. I'm a sucker for a Victorian Chemise look. Here are shots from The big huge bag is in the first photo and I really hope it makes it in stores.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy Anniversary, Daffy's! (and how to get free birthday cake)

There's a party in Greeley Square tomorrow and you're invited. Just look for the big pink runway/cake:

10 ft tall cake made by Vinny Buzzetta, star of Staten Island Cakes. Photo copied from Elle.

Heather McDonald of Chelsea Lately will be hosting, you'll see a runway show on a cake, and you can enter to win a $500 gift card. Other discounts and surprises, too, so drop by Greeley Square tomorrow at 5pm, rain or shine. And yes, Elle Magazinethere is a park in Herald Square. Greeley Square is the triangle park south of Herald Square Park, just walk down Broadway from Herald. Use the big pink cake as your beacon of light.

Daffy's Anniversary Party 
5pm in Greeley Square Park between 32nd and 33rd and Broadway and Sixth

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It Had To Be A Levi's Denim Jacket for Fashion Week

Me at the UGG FNO hangover breakfast, with Levi's jacket on chair. I'm oddly tan.
I bought a Levi's men's trucker denim jacket in a size small and wore it throughout fashion week. I wanted to wear dresses and skirts but I wanted to make them look not dressy, and I kept saying to my mom as we perused my wardrobe: "I want to wear this with a denim jacket." Don't ask why, sometimes these things overwhelm me. So the next day I bought a classic, stiff, dark denim Levi's trucker jacket at the new store on 34th Street, and got one for my husband, too. The clerk was a little taken aback when I told him I wanted a men's small for myself (there was no similar style for women in store, and when I'm possessed I have to have ASAP), but he slowly nodded his head and said "I think you can work it." How adorable, he was so sincere. I then promised him my husband and I would not wear them on the same day. I'm pretty sure I can keep that promise.

Also that's a Levi's cowboy shirt. Omg.

Is that not just bad-ass American or what? It was also the perfect weight jacket for the weather at Fashion Week this month. Also I had to try on this really cute dress. I want to wear this with leggings and flat brown boots.

Levi's 45 W. 34th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues

Monday, September 19, 2011

Liz Week!

Because it's Liz Claiborne's one-year anniversary at JCPenney, the store is celebrating with "Liz Week" until October first. Start celebrating and enter to win the "7 Days of Style" contest sponsored by JCPenney and Liz Claiborne. What can you get? A behind-the-scenes tour of REDBOOK magazine, a meet & greet with the fashion director, a $1,000 Liz Claiborne shopping spree, a closet makeover, and a set of Liz Claiborne luggage. There will also be great sales in stores, so don't visit Manhattan Mall without a trip to the JCPenney Liz Claiborne section.

Liz Claiborne wants you to look this good for fall.
Also, check out these helpful Liz styling tips. Below is a look at what you can get now in store and online for fall. What, you don't have a poncho in your closet yet? Luckily, Liz Claiborne has classic ponchos you can pair with almost any of your fall leggings and jeans. And I'm really digging the poncho styled with the cropped pants look. Time to roll those cuffs on your denim and cargos.

JCPenney Manhattan Mall 33rd Street and Sixth Avenue

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Carlos Miele: All Grown Up For Spring 2012

The opening scene, two by two in glorious beach cover-ups.

For Spring 2012, the glamorous Miele beach beauty has gone uptown in simply stunning ways.
You can always count on a lot of leg at Carlos Miele.
I'm not sure if it was the bigger venue, the pleated gowns, or the opening looks with four models entering the runway en masse, old-school style, but this show was like watching the Miele girl grow up. She's always been old enough to wear an evening gown, but now it's not just flowing and pretty, it's also sophisticated. This development has me highly anticipating the Fall 2012 show. Meanwhile, enjoy the structured details on the flowing gowns and jumpsuit (a stronger shoulder, very 1920's in the orange) and several of the bodices.

Oh that finale dress is fun. Also fun? Carlos Miele is experimenting a little with his standard glam girl, and I really like it.

Christian Siriano Spring 2012

I always think the following at every Siriano New York Fashion Week show: he can be a major American designer someday. What, he already is? No, I'm not talking post-Project Runway major, I'm talking Bill Blass/Geoffrey Beene major. Each show there is something on his runway that takes my breath away and I think yes, he's capturing a very American look that communicates glamour through simple, clean styling.

One of my co-workers attended the Spring 2012 Siriano show for me as I was having toddler care issues (as in I have one, and I needed to take care of her). My colleague sat in the second row and captured some lovely bad iPhone photos.

I see good, and I see not so good. But anytime there's a troop of models on a mile-wide runway, it usually all looks pretty good.

Here's a couple of her Siriano texts from the Spring 2012 show:
"Chartreuse lemon white everywhere. With crepe. Sheer layers. Sunkist to the t."
"So coppertone fun amid a few stripes with ball gown skirt for measure."
I totally get it. And again, I thought "so American," although that could be due to the Coppertone mention. I'm not saying Siriano always gets it right, but I'm usually not upset to see where he gets it wrong. Kind of like when Mark Sanchez throws two interceptions in a game the Jets win, I'm thinking "Yes, let him pass the ball and screw up now, please, in the beginning of the season, but not play bad enough to lose the game." And while you peruse this metaphor I'd like to throw in the Sanchez GQ cover. I mean, seriously.
Unlike Christian Siriano, I really hope Mark Sanchez doesn't become a regular at New York Fashion Week. A show here and there fine, but I don't want to see him posing with CW stars, OK?

Now some official photos, namely the looks I loved. I wouldn't say I found the show as a whole to be an overwhelming success, but again there are pieces that keep me looking forward to the next Siriano iteration. Just as much as I want Mark Sanchez to be the next Broadway Joe, I want Christian Siriano to be the next Bill Blass.