Thursday, September 22, 2011

All About the Diva: Swarovski Wings of Fantasy Party!

Sweet little Wings of Fantasy guys. 

New collection? It's time for a party! At Swarovski this winter it's all about the diva stage fantasy, so come celebrate the new Wings of Fantasy collection at the 34th Street and Seventh Avenue boutique tomorrow evening. Here are some details to lure you into their fabulous, crystal-encrusted fantasy:

-Gift with purchase over $150
-Paparazzi moments on the red carpet
-Delicious cupcakes and beverages
-Mini makeovers by the fabulous Cristina of Sephora 

Those little guys up there are just a tiny representation of the Wings of Fantasy collection. Go here to check out more, as the collection is not yet available online. Personally, I'm dying for the necklace.

Swarovski Penn Plaza 34th Street and Seventh Avenue