Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bebe's White Theme for Spring 2012

I wish I had a good shot from the Bebe Spring 2012 show last week, but this was the best I could do:

Are you freaked out? Is this Ghost Runway? Nope, just an all-white show.

I was really trying to get a shot of the big white bag a lot of the models were holding, because it was ADORABLE. I was fixated on it and also the big, messy white afros. The shots above capture the essential theme: white. I kind of loved it namely because a one-color, Truman Capote party theme was the last thing I expected from Bebe. Also, the clothes I can get on board with. I'm a sucker for a Victorian Chemise look. Here are shots from The big huge bag is in the first photo and I really hope it makes it in stores.