Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Men at New York Fashion Week

The boys of Buckler roam the streets of Meatpacking.
Looking onto Nautica Spring 2012 at The Empire Hotel, and the classic Nautica blues segment.
The day after Fashion's Night Out, I had the pleasure of attending several men's fashion shows. First up, Nautica, the classic Americana brand, whose Spring 2012 show was held on the pool deck of the Empire Hotel. The classic blue and white Nautica looks are perfect as always, but what I really loved were the ultra bright colors, great for 2012.

I was disappointed there was no actual pool to stroll around, but there wouldn't have been room for any attendees if the pool was operational. It was a total crush, with a line around the corner of the hotel waiting to get in. I snapped a few shots from the deck overlooking the models, and then ran down to 40th and Broadway, picked up my Fashion Center tour de fashion DVF bike, and rode down to Buckler, showing again this season on the cobbled streets of the Meatpacking District. You could not do this for a women's show, unless you want the models lying on the street (which could be interesting...). Runway heels + cobblestones are hardly a good mix.

This was the first time I rode a bike in the streets of Manhattan and it's fun, it's addictive, and you really need that bell. I was ringing all the way down to Meatpacking.

I loved the Buckler show. Designer Andrew Buckler manages to translate a classic American look with a perfect hipster twist. And MePa is an apt setting for such a show as it's Beautiful People Land down there, even compared to the crowd in Lincoln Center. MePa denizens look the lifestyle like it's second nature. One of the beautiful people even threw a fit at the end of the "runway" because she couldn't walk through the street to her home. Ah, lives of the chic and trendy.

Walking the cobblestones at Buckler.

Hoodie and cropped pants.
Perfect jacket and rolled cuffs. Note the pointy shoes.

The Finale.