Thursday, February 28, 2013

Shoe of the Day: Polka Dots at Gap

What more can a girl ask for this spring?

Well, besides a patent Gucci pump. But we need something to schlep around in, too. And polka dots make schlepping a lot more fun.

Gap Herald Square
60 West 34th Street at Broadway

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Retail Rumors: Urban Outfitters Coming to 34th Street?

Lois Weiss' Between the Bricks column woke me up this morning with a tantalizing retail rumor: Urban Outfitters may be signing a deal at 1333 Broadway, aka 3 Herald Square.

1333 Broadway this morning

This is a choice location, indeed. Right across the street from Macy's Herald Square, this former Conway's space boasts 61,927 square feet. Previous intel had Dick's Sporting Goods moving in, but that deal fell through last September. Although a gigantic sporting goods store isn't a bad thing, I love a gigantic Urban Outfitters even more.

Across from Macy's Herald Square

Below are shots I took of the ground floor from Broadway this morning, moving south to north.

Yes, that's three gateways to the lower level. Fingers crossed that the ink is hitting the contract soon.

Update: According to the Commercial Observer, the news is confirmed and Urban Outfitters will be coming to 3 Herald Square.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

WHO.A.U Expands on 34th Street

When you've got a great thing going on, it's good to expand upon your offerings. 

Now in the newly-opened lower level of the 34th Street WHO.A.U store: menswear. Wander down those stairs and find an expanded sales section and denim. They've even got a little lounge area. As always with WHO.A.U, the merchandising is excellent and the department is easy to shop. Also, shirts are currently 30% off. Enjoy, gentlemen.

22 West 34th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues

Monday, February 25, 2013

Misha Nonoo Fall 2013

Misha Nonoo's fall show at the Standard Hotel set the mood at the entrance with a gentleman in uniform standing guard. Hmmm. But soon showgoers watched him multitask: he wasn't just military eye candy, he escorted models off the platform, too. 

I guess this is conveying the "British girl goes to Russia" theme of the show? It all felt a little awkward and distracting in the smallish space. The collection itself left me slightly underwhelmed. Certain pieces, however, struck me as potential big hits in the marketplace. See flirty and chic looks below (next six photos from


Then there were the more military, British schoolboy hits. Perfection.

And what I thought were the most stunning and brave looks of the collection, the "ink and white smoke" digital floral prints.

But all together, the Anglo-Russian them fell short of creating a cohesive collection. Misha Nonoo, however, is a label I would seek out in stores.

All photos except noted are the writer's.

Venexiana Fall 2013

Amanda Wigen does a video recap of Venexiana's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week show.

Kati Stern for Venexiana sent 76 glam gowns down the runway this season. The model's spotlit entrance at the start of the show, head-to-toe sequin gowns, and the occasional fur shawl made clear that Old Hollywood was a source of inspiration for the collection.

Asymmetric cowl necklines, coiled metal snaked around the body, and dramatic open backs were consistently incorporated into each gown.

Saturated velvet and scalloped-shaped sequins made for the glam-est of gowns. I was in awe at the looks coming down the runway, which unfortunately means I was too distracted to effectively capture most of the gowns on camera. So instead, I direct you to the MBFW video coverage of the event:

0:42 The collection's signature elements - a cowl neckline and crystal coil - make their first appearance. I drool over magenta velvet.

1:00 Venexiana does Downton Abbey. Yes to this.

2:11 Black beaded fringe brings playfulness to the runway.

3:11 Scalloped sequins arranged on the bias suit this mermaid cut gown.

9:42 Persimmon-toned velvet. Favorite #1. This video doesn't begin to capture how lush and luxurious this gown looks on the runway.

13:52 Favorite #2. The fit of this gown is impeccable, and I love how it so elegantly shows off the model's shoulders.

18:32 A high-collared, bronze and gold scalloped evening gown completely wins me over.

All photos by Amanda Wigen. Video via FashionTV and MBFW on Youtube.

Bibhu Mohapatra Fall 2013

Sometimes, when the show is really, really good, a post just needs to say something like...

From my Instagram.

Who doesn't want to look like this from every angle? As if you were lovingly draped with fur and fabric? That is all.

Except I really should also show you the depth of Bibhu Mohapatra's genius. So here are some official photos. But occasionally one attends a show, like this one, in which words and photos can barely convey the joy it is to see the clothes in person. JOY.

Geometric prints, big 1930's feel, gorgeous patterns and color: the Bibhu Mohapatra show had it all in spades.


All official photos from

Sergio Davila Fall 2013

While every season we come across a plethora of gorgeous evening collections, which naturally are stunning and exciting, the shows that truly hold resonance are the ready-to-wear collections. Sergio Davila's Fall '13 line managed to make everyday clothes exciting and chic, even within the more restricted dark color palette of winter.


The metallic bronze pants, maroon leggings, patterned button downs, and tailored coats will surely find their way to fashionable closets with their wearable appeal. The models, styled with relaxed, wavy hair and basic makeup, could have walked right off the runway and looked perfectly in place outside Lincoln Center. I adored the chocolate tiered dress that is versatile as a top over leggings for a daytime look, or with stockings for nights. 


The menswear echoed the same stylish urban look with finely tailored blazers and leather jackets. A twist in the classic button down anchored this collection to the present. By editing the details, like the patterns of a shirt or addition of leather gloves, Davila makes it easy for the men to subtly incorporate new trends into their fall wardrobe. 



All photos from

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Vantan Tokyo Fall 2013

Its hard to believe that the three collections presented as part of the Vantan Tokyo Fall 2013 show were created by students still in Japan's first design school. Nelly Hohmann, Kei Tsunoji, and Natsuki Watanabe each sought to present  lines that reflected their vision along with their Japanese culture, and the results couldn't be more dissimilar. 


Opening the runway, Nelly Hohmann maintained a classic look for her line, sticking to a palette of winter white, navy, and black. The collection is chic and wearable for the urban woman. Her Japanese influence is apparent in her recurring red pattern that evoked a traditional kimono. 



Hohmann's collection was safe and not as risk-taking as one would expect from a student show. The most notable look is a sheer pleated dress layered over printed pants. More drama would have been welcomed. 

Kei Tsunoji's line Eisunoge captured the essence of Japanese street wear, yet the collection was not cohesive. We have looks ranging from colorful and preppy....


to layers of hipster plaid button ups .. 


to men's leggings (please do not let this walk off the runway)... 


and then to this. I really do appreciate the risk he took for his collection and think that he has some great, well-made, and marketable separates. Perhaps in the future he can hone in on a more central style.

Natsuki Watanabe impressed me with a beautiful fall collection I'd expect to see from a designer with years of runway under their belt. Her line Sagan, inspired by a scandalous, free-spirited French novelist, showcased fashion forward floral patterns and knits in contemporary cuts. 



The strongest of the three, Natsuki perfectly balanced her line with a muted palette and busy patterns. The two looks below were by far the highlight of the night: on the left, a knit sweater contrasted with a patterned skirt; and on the right, a very chic fall coat. 


Photos compliments from Vantan Tokyo.