Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mara Hoffman Fall 2013

Amanda Wigen covers Mara Hoffman at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Feel-good smiles emanated from the Tents at Lincoln Center as Mara Hoffman presented her Fall/Winter 2013 collection. Colorful kaleidoscope prints flooded the runway and made us all forget about the city's blizzard conditions.

Hoffman says her collection, titled "Mystics & Misfits," was inspired by the girl who rides the zebra, the soothsayer, the medicine woman, and all of the animals that go along with them. The vibrancy and embellishment in her designs captures this sense of adventure and wonder.

Both fitted and flowing silhouettes featured symmetric patterns and referenced tribal textiles.


My two favorite looks celebrated the junction of neon and knits. Pink embroidered triangles popped against a black blouse and cream wrap sweater, creating stand-out looks that are still very season appropriate.

And never one to forget embellishment, Hoffman called upon jewelry designer Pamela Love to adorn each model with a tiered, chained headpiece that clasped on either ear.

Images from WWD.com and BeautyBlitz.com