Sunday, February 10, 2013

Rita Vinieris Fall 2013

Craig Held starts off fashion week with Rita Vinieris' debut rtw collection.

Rita Vinieris isn't a name that's familiar to most outside of the bridal world, but with the debut of her first ready-to-wear collection this week, Vinieris is looking to change that.

Inspired by American architect Louis Kahn and his 20th century modernism, Vinieris made a respectable showing for a debut evening wear collection.

Vinieris' bridal flair was incredibly palpable in her liberal use of beading. At times, it bordered on gaudy, but her dedication to detail should be commended. Someone said that one of the dresses took 500 hours to construct. I'm not sure which one but the mystery is just part of the fun.

My guess for the 500 hour dress

In terms of color, Vinieris stayed relatively muted except for a very random pink gown that stood out for all the wrong reasons in this collection. Her black gowns were by far her best work.

That pink still bothers me. It screams "prom" in a room full of  "gala."

The standout for me was definitely the long sleeve cream/metallic silver gown that worked beautifully. I'm a sucker for minimalist design, and set against the other overly detailed gowns that Vinieris showed, this dress sang to me.

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Overall, Vinieris shows great potential for a designer transitioning out of the bridal niche. While most of these pieces just didn't appeal to me, there is definitely a market for them.