Saturday, February 23, 2013

Chado Ralph Rucci Fall 2013

The most epic moment of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week was Ralph Rucci's Fall 2013 runway. Only after you see such a quality show could you differentiate between an up-and-coming designer and a seasoned expert in the field of fashion. Rucci's tailoring, detailing, luxury, and inspiration is on an entirely different level. The designer meticulously curated the intricate stages of his collection with sophistication and elegance. You could almost see everyone mentally bookmarking his clothes for their fall shopping carts. 



No one does a fur coat like Ralph Rucci. Even my untrained eye can tell its the finest quality mink. I can only imagine what running my fingers through that soft, tantalizing fur feels like. Yes, we've seen fur coats in almost every show this season, but not like these. 



Nor have we seen oversize coats that we actually wanted like these...  



Four looks are forever ingrained in my brain: (1) This vibrant purple coat with voluminous sleeves, detailing lines, and full skirt paired with transparent knee high boots, (2) An etched leather dress with sheer detailing that magically looks as light as lace, (3) A stunning violet cutout suit, and (4) A black calf grazing lace dress. The leather pinkie finger covers, stemming tassels wrapped around each model, was a stroke of genius. 



Ralph Rucci focused on detailing monochrome pieces, relishing in their simplicity yet still playful with the negative space. Tulle was used in an artistic manner, balancing conservative silhouettes as an underpinning to beautiful cuts in the fabric. 



Long beaded and feathered tunics were layered with matching pants. The detailing is remarkable. 


Topping off the night, he aced every trend (velvet, sheer, metallics) with his evening gowns and added a few interesting shapes we haven't yet seen this season. The night wouldn't be complete without the ultimate finale piece, and in this case, it came in the form of a evening gown with a 3D structured double helix wrapped strategically around the chest, and a full satin skirt revealing a hand painted replica of Francis Bacon's "Screaming Pope". Legendary. Why? Because he could. 



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