Saturday, February 16, 2013

Charlotte Ronson Fall 2013

It was a pleasant surprise to see Charlotte Ronson switch from a runway show to a presentation this season. Though Ronson’s runway is highly anticipated and usually packed with A-list celebrities in the front row, it was refreshing to see her clothes up close and in full detail.

As famed twin sister Samantha Ronson pumped 60’s tunes into the intimate room, guests were transported back in time to the British mod era. High necklines, miniskirts, and short fitted dresses were updated to be relevant for this fall. The styling of side-parted, sleek hair and dark eyelids evoked Twiggy, the iconic model of the sixties.


Ronson’s looks ranged from girlie and flirty, to sporty and slouchy, and even preppy and chic. Leather is worked throughout the collection in rich tones of red, hunter green, and royal purple. 


Her neutral pieces blended tartan with tweed, creating a sophisticated play with pattern-on-pattern, and were further contrasted with hunter green leather trim. The tartan pattern was reminiscent of a preppy school girls uniform, yet the silhouettes and incorporation of leather gave it a rebel edge.


The designer's bright "Kaleidoscope" floral pattern looked fantastic on pants, dresses, and accessories, especially the floral leather book bag. I instantly coveted the sweet, collared dress and printed pants.


Lastly, Ronson's mauve pant suit is tailored perfection with a bright, red leather lapel that highlights the jacket and makes for a stunning color combination.


All photos from The Cut