Friday, February 15, 2013

Brandon Sun Fall 2013

Grace reviews Brandon Sun ready to wear collection for Fall 2013. 

Brandon Sun’s signature fur accents and geometric patterns were hard to miss at the young designer’s Fall presentation at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Outkast’s “Ms. Jackson” hummed in the Box while Sun’s collection displayed a cool, edgy woman with combinations of satin, furs, and leathers. Black leather jackets encased soft forest green silk drape dresses, and martial arts belts cinched waists of sequined blouses. Mink scarves in the “it” hue of the season, rich green tones, added fun to a number of outfits.


Sun had high expectations to live up to as his debut collection this time last year generated much praise. If the audience’s chatter heard between camera shutters clicking is any indication of critics' reviews, Sun should be deeply satisfied. One anonymous passerby, eyeing a deep-V cut dress, raved “He has the best dress line in the entire show. This is absolutely gorgeous.”

Gorgeous and confident, Brandon Sun’s 2013 Fall woman knows how to be tough and feminine all at once. Don’t get in her way.



All photos courteous of WWD