Sunday, February 17, 2013

Reem Acra Fall 2013

The Reem Acra show was an absolute crush, and when one is standing room at an absolute crush, your view is going to be absolute meh. Luckily, I was wearing heels so I could get a feel of the show from here:

The collection was predominantly black and red with some neutral tones thrown in. Let's go to the professional photos to get a better look at the stunning designs of Reem Acra, a go-to for evening glamour, and, clearly, fabulous coats for your evening wear (photos from The Cut except when noted).

 For the day wear, I cannot garner quite so much enthusiasm. Also, thigh-high stockings? I was startled when I spied them on the runway, and still I'm thinking "why."

 But dresses like below? Showstoppers.

Photo from

However, I would be happy to never see a fishtail gown again. Ever. This is the effect of award-season gown overexposure.

Gorgeous, yes. But it's a fishtail. Photo from

Certainly PETA is already on the phones about Fall 2013, because if you don't have a big, huge, gorgeous fur, you just aren't going to be on trend. Ms. Acra's big huge gorgeous furs are the prettiest of them all, especially the red and black variety.

Also, my first thoughts when Reem Acra took her bow? Best hair seen on the runways yet for Fall 2013.