Friday, February 8, 2013

Candela Fall 2013

Isabelle Steichen experiences her first Fashion Week Presentation with Candela's Fall 2013 Collection.

If I could only use one word to describe the Fashion Week 2013 collection by Candela, it would be "enchanting." The Uruguayan designer and mom of twins, Gabriela Perezutti, welcomed the public in a French artist studio-like box. The models, almost statuesque, were mixed with the decor that consisted of canvas, drawings, brushes, and other painterly accoutrement. The style of next fall's collection at Candela can be defined as romantic: the main fabrics are silk and light wool, ornamented with exquisite embroideries, sequins, and lace. The colors are soft as well; the designer mainly used light pink, cream and grey. The collection today looked almost like a fairy tale scene with a touch of glamour. However, the clothes can be worn every day, as Gabriela mixes fine fabrics and detailed work with jeans and jersey.

The leather boots and the classic velvet loafers complete the collection, along with a couple different pairs of heels that can be combined with the skirts, dresses, and pants for fancier occasions.

Leather boots and velvet loafers, perfect to break the style of the romantic skirts and dresses…

A delicate mix of fabrics: wool, lace and fur…

My personal favorite: a romantic cream dress, made out of lace and combined with a wool jacket. I also loved the earrings! 

All photos by Isabelle Steichen