Monday, February 25, 2013

Venexiana Fall 2013

Amanda Wigen does a video recap of Venexiana's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week show.

Kati Stern for Venexiana sent 76 glam gowns down the runway this season. The model's spotlit entrance at the start of the show, head-to-toe sequin gowns, and the occasional fur shawl made clear that Old Hollywood was a source of inspiration for the collection.

Asymmetric cowl necklines, coiled metal snaked around the body, and dramatic open backs were consistently incorporated into each gown.

Saturated velvet and scalloped-shaped sequins made for the glam-est of gowns. I was in awe at the looks coming down the runway, which unfortunately means I was too distracted to effectively capture most of the gowns on camera. So instead, I direct you to the MBFW video coverage of the event:

0:42 The collection's signature elements - a cowl neckline and crystal coil - make their first appearance. I drool over magenta velvet.

1:00 Venexiana does Downton Abbey. Yes to this.

2:11 Black beaded fringe brings playfulness to the runway.

3:11 Scalloped sequins arranged on the bias suit this mermaid cut gown.

9:42 Persimmon-toned velvet. Favorite #1. This video doesn't begin to capture how lush and luxurious this gown looks on the runway.

13:52 Favorite #2. The fit of this gown is impeccable, and I love how it so elegantly shows off the model's shoulders.

18:32 A high-collared, bronze and gold scalloped evening gown completely wins me over.

All photos by Amanda Wigen. Video via FashionTV and MBFW on Youtube.