Thursday, October 28, 2010

JCPenney: In the Showroom and On the Street

The JCPenney spring preview this morning was in the same building as the YSL sample sale, so as I walked down 18th Street this morning all I saw was LINE going down the block. Luckily I remembered the sale was happening today, so I skipped the line and walked right up to the JCPenney preview. I'm sure several of us were tempted to crash YSL while there. I was very, very good.

So was the preview. Arranged in several spring tableaus with themes like " bohemian," "seaside," and "clean," the clothes looked fantastic.

That fabulous little polka-dot dress in the back right is by Allen B, and it's so on my list. Come February or March, I'm also looking for these accessories.

If you haven't dropped by JCPenney Manhattan Mall yet, listen to Lisa, a JCPenney shopper and Fashion District designer that Craig and I shot a few months ago for the "Real New Yorkers" section on our website.

Like many Fashion District designers, Lisa shops 34th Street often. Last summer she had only glowing things to say about JCPenney's merchandising and selection. Note her garment bag and fabulous style. As I said on our website, hey, JCPenney, you need to feature Lisa on your website/facebook page!

JCPenney Manhattan Mall, lower levels 1&2, 33rd & Broadway

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Nails Are All About The Pain

File this one under Things I Want To Be Able to Buy From Sephora On 34th Street:

I googled "Nail Pain by Bobby M" and got lots of sites where people talk about nail pain and not Nail Pain, so sorry, I've got no linkage. This demo is courtesy of my gorgeous stylist, who does so much more than just my hair every time I visit. That's the beauty of a stylist who travels for fashion weeks and works on magazine shoots. She found Nail Pain in London, and rumor is it's going to be carried at Topshop. Not on the website yet, as far as I could tell. Nail Pain by Bobby M, where are you??!

Sephora, 130 W. 34th Street between Broadway & 7th
Sephora at JCPenney Manhattan Mall, lower level 1, 33rd & Broadway

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pushkart: The Next Best Shopping App?

I have this shopping fantasy where I'm walking down 34th Street and boom! I get all these deals on my iPhone so I walk into stores and boom! magically I get stuff for practically nothing! Or hugely discounted or something. And then I met the guys from Pushkart.

Name inspired by the old pushcart vendors of the LES.

This app, designed by a Brooklyn company, is brand, spanking new and is launching "organically" (yes, now I have to rip my tongue out). This means that currently you're going to see deals on Pushkart for mostly small, local businesses. I'm working on introducing Pushkart to our restaurants and retailers in the 34th Street district so our shoppers can boom! get mobile deals everywhere they go on 34th Street.

Deals, you ask? Why yes! Check out this Pushkart deal from my iPhone:

"Give your bartender a high five for all their hard work, get rewarded with a $2 bartender's choice cocktail."

I must confess, back in my bartending days I would have looked very askance if anyone tried to high five me. But I was working during the economic boom. If I was bartending today, I'd high-five, kiss, and slap all my customers on the ass for spending money at my establishment.
Back to Pushkart: let's walk through it with everyone's favorite bullet points.
  • Download the Pushkart app on your iphone (blackberry app available soon);
  • Sign up your Twitter and/or Facebook accounts;
  • Go to the Vanderbilt, open your Pushkart app, find the deal, and high-five your bartender;
  • Scan Vanderbilt's QR code with your phone to redeem the deal and get a $2 drink;
  • This message, written by the business, goes out to your Twitter and/or Facebook: "I just got a hand-crafted $2 cocktail at the Vanderbilt! Best pushkart deal in Prospect Heights, bar none." 
  • Followers on your network can then use the deal, which gets pushed out to their networks, and so on, and so on, and so on...
QR who? Get used to them, the Japanese have been using QR codes for years so you know what that means. And to those who worry about their networks getting clogged with extraneous messages, let me emphasis this: shoppers and diners can benefit from your check-in and redeem your deals. This is a refreshing option to just looking at 3 million "I'm at ___ 34th Street" tweets. Also, you're not going to redeem every deal you find, thus Pushkart is a much more discretionary app.

Where's the 34th Street tie-in? I'm working on it! Today I saw on Pushkart's Twitter that Daffy's in now on Pushkart, so soon I will be trolling Herald Square and testing it at Daffy's in Herald Center. You all, in the meantime, can download the app on your smartphone and start checking out deals in your hood.

Daffy's Herald Square, Herald Center, 34th Street at Broadway
Pushkart Hopefully available soon all over 34th Street

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Shop HBO

For a little shopping HBO-style, drop by Fashion Herald's sister blog that covers all things Bryant Park. Last Friday I posted there about the HBO Shop and its Halloween-appropriate True Blood windows.

The shop is located on the ground floor of the HBO building on 6th Avenue and 42nd. Just walk north of the Starbucks that is always, always busy and always has a line, one reason why I frequent the 'wichcraft kiosk in Bryant Park across the street. Also, 'wichcraft's coffee is better. But I digress: HBO fans must drop by the HBO store before or after strolling through the park because they can browse all the Sex and the City, Sopranos, and True Blood stuff right in the building where it all happens. OK, not the actual filming, but you know what I mean. Go here for more photos and to discover the True Blood Authentic Beverage. Guess what it looks like?

Bryant Park Blog & the HBO Shop, 42nd & 6th Avenue

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Craig's Picks: Halloween Adventure on 34th Street

Let's visit Halloween Adventure again as many of you may be scrambling for a costume this weekend. Yesterday, Intern Craig did a Halloween edition of his weekly Wednesday 34th Street Twitter picks, and today I'm being lazy posting them for those of you who missed his tweets. Comments above the pictures are printed straight from Craig's tweets. Craig started with Michael Jackson, the old Halloween standby.

"A very illustrious MJ section. If you're trendy, keep the military jacket for the wardrobe."

"I've never seen plus size costumes before but props to costume makers for including everyone! There's also men's."

"My toddler self was very confused by this. An Elmo dress?"

"Of course, a Gaga section. Poker face suit, VMA performance look, and flag bikini from Telephone. Take your pick."


And, last, "Fun fact about intern Craig: I'm secretly obsessed with superheroes." 

 I don't really believe Intern Craig has an inner gaming nerd, but if that's true, he needs to visit The Compleat Strategist on 33rd Street between Madison and Fifth. And I have never seen a grown woman dressed as Elmo. I must advise against this as one then runs the risk of being mobbed by toddlers.

Halloween Adventure, temporary pop-up store
35 W. 34th Street between 5th & 6th Avenues

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fashion Meets Athletes: Foot Locker's On Our Feet UNCF Reception

On Our Feet at Gotham Hall

Chace Crawford in light grey kicks.
Model Quiana Grant, who looks gorgeous even when she's not posing.

I know some of my Twitter followers were like "huh?" as I was tweeting away earlier tonight at Foot Locker's On Our Feet benefit reception for the United Negro College Fund. I was tweeting about Darrelle Revis, Ramses Barton, and Darelle Revis. Let's review: I love fashion. I love the New York Jets. I love shoes, including kicks. And I love that Foot Locker invited to their event what might be one of the few fashion-blogging, New York Jets-loving, rabid screaming-on-the-couch-hitting-her-husband-during-games football fans in New York City so I could get pictures like this:

Feels like he's looking right at me, and I'm saying Ochocinco who?

How freaking much can I freak out right now? Not enough. Yes, I was that close to Revis Island. Now let's talk style. Ahem: Mr. Darrelle Revis, you were killing it. The suit and the tie look great and the glasses are seriously sexy on an athlete. Whoa. Ok, now go take care of your hamstring and continue kicking butt on pass coverage like you did last Sunday. And back to more #OOF fashion:

Giants WR Steve Smith on the left. He was all charming youth in front of the cameras, kind of awkward like "I'm here in my jeans!" I'm a big fan. Quiana's Louboutins close-up are on the right. Very Dorothy-sparkly. Also, a reasonable heel. Although Steve may already have a girlfriend, I'd like to introduce him to Quiana and her Louboutins.

Gorgeous partygoers having fun.
Quiana and partygoer.

Here's where fashion actually really meets athletes: Louboutin and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Quiana Grant. I heard that, including tonight, she has three times attended and even worn kicks to this charity event known as the "Sneaker Ball" No sneakers on her tonight. Also, Jane Krakowski was in attendance early on and was lovely. So lovely that I won't publish the crap photo I took of her as she was walking away.

I got some decent shots of Chace Crawford, though (best one is above). I'm kind of loving him a lot for being at this event, but then I'm like, seriously, hobnob with all these gifted athletes? What else was he doing tonight? I wish I had a shot of Chace and Darrelle together. I really need to hone my paparazzi skills.

Thanks to Foot Locker for supporting the UNCF with this wonderful reception, and shoppers, be sure to drop by the store on 34th Street for your winter kicks. The huge store on 34th carries limited editions perfect for future "black tie with sneakers" event.
Foot Locker, 34th Street between Broadway & 7th Avenue

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Macy's Herald Square Downstairs: Pylones Rule

Pylones skull stapler. That says it all.
After a visit to B&H yesterday, I wandered around the 34th Street district in a hypnotic, B&H state. This happens every time I observe their overhead trolley system in action. It's all-consuming: How does it work? Why isn't everything in the world moved by overhead trolleys? How can I get one in my apartment? etc. etc.

So I did the sane thing and walked down into the bowels of Macy's Herald Square to snap out of it (and to use the ladies room). I passed through the big Macy's Sports section, moved on through the men's leather coat and bathrobe section (yes, that's how big Macy's Herald Square is) and got distracted by a Nautica robe on sale (Xmas* gift?):

They are so plush, so dad, so $69.99 on sale. I want to wear one all winter.

Then I continued on toward the Cellar Bar and Grill, where I saw these fabulous, Mad Men-like aprons:

 And ran into the motherlode of gift sections, Pylones:

Pylones is French, thus the very quaint reusable bags.
Evil/cute kitty umbrella with fluffy tail & cover. See in person for full fluffy effect.
There are possibly gazillions of things in here I can give my sisters for the holidays*. You can't move or turn your head a centimeter without wanting to touch, grab, photograph, and buy. Pylones has stores in the city, and now this very convenient Macy's Herald Square location in the basement next to the Cellar Bar and Grill and the restrooms.Don't forget, this little boutique in Macy's has a skull stapler. We all need a skull stapler at work.

*Forgive me, shoppers, for mentioning the holidays in October. But a favorite fantasy is that I've finished all my Christmas shopping by Halloween. This, of course, will never actually happen.

Macy's Herald Square, 34th Street between Broadway & 7th Avenue

Monday, October 18, 2010

Birthday Girls Need Faux Fur Vests

Because I'm holding off on ridiculous birthday tiaras until I know they aren't going straight in the mouth, I had to get some style points elsewhere. That's where H&M Baby comes in handy. Soft pink faux fur vests do a girl good for slightly chilly, mid-October morning birthday parties. And what aren't striped leggings good for?

Baby Herald turns one and discovers trucks. Happy birthday to my Arm Baby.

I got the vest at H&M on 34th and 7th Avenue, and the leggings (Sonia Rykiel for H&M) at the Herald Square H&M on 34th & 6th. Both stores are well-stocked with kids and baby stuff, but only the Herald Square store has maternity. All the lines stay true to the H&M aesthetic so your kid, or your niece or nephew, or your friend's kid, is going to be all on trend. And did Baby Herald cry on her birthday? Not quite as much as her mom did!

H&M, 34th Street at 7th Avenue
H&M Herald Square, 34th just east of 6th Avenue

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Launched! MNG by Mango Party

There was a party the other night, and I was lucky enough to have Wendy Brandes of Wendy Brandes Jewelry as my date. So, of course I had a fabulous time, thanks Wendy!

Gorgeous Wendy on the left in Balenciaga, and me on the right in H&M's skinniest pants ever, Zara sweater, and 15 year old (?) Demeulemeester jacket. Sigh, I'm all smushy-faced, I've totally lost my posing mojo. And Intern Craig told me to wear my other 15 yo. Demeulemeester jacket. Next time I'm listening to him. This is my longest photo caption EVER.

While there, we ran into Midtown Girl and Yuli Ziv.
I love this photo.
See, it was a party! And although there were celebrities also posing in front of the JCPenney MNG by Mango sign that night, who wants to see celebrities when you can have these gorgeous bloggers?

There was also a fashion show and performance by Janelle Monae. I was happy to see clothes on the runway that I've tried on in store, so refreshing. And I still love this green dress:
Great sweater pairing, I needed that in the dressing room.
I'd love to buy this shiny dress:

 Click for details, it's lovely! And neutral, so you have to buy it!

I'm now obsessed with these pants. Going to JCPenney Manhattan Mall to see if they are in store.

Official JCPenney photo below, adorable outfit but my inner critic is saying I'm too old for knee socks and shorts and I'm agreeing until I get my mid-age Madonna body and can say screw you, inner critic.

Janelle Monae performance was a highlight (photo courtesy of JCPenney).


So if I find those black pants in the Manhattan Mall store you'll be hearing from me and MNG by Mango at JCPenney again soon. And ok, just to appease Intern Craig, below are some photos of attending celebrities and a video, all from JCPenney.

JCPenney Manhattan Mall, 33rd & 6th Avenue, lower levels 1&2

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WHO.A.U: Breaking the Age Barrier

Who says I can't shop WHO.A.U because I'm not under 20?

Intern Craig was with me, and we both loved this cushy sweater, $89.50.
Military, but in a hoodie! $79.50.

My inner critic tries to get me to dress age-appropriate all the time, it's so annoying. I usually ignore him (huh? Of course it's a guy!) except when he tells me not to wear stuff like this:
Ruffle mini, $49.50.

Leather pants, leggings, jeggings, really tight black jeans, and other things I'm wearing till I'm like 90. But then I was never much of a cheerleader skirt girl even when I was walking the hallways with cheerleaders.If I did like little cheery skirts, I would totally do the above with black leggings and combat boots.

Also, I love WHO.A.U's quality and details. Jackets have cute linings and the trimmings are all solid. But take note shoppers: WHO.A.U's cut is small, so go up a size without panicking. I had a hard time with jackets but that's usually the case with junior collections as my torso is long. What do long-torsoed teens do?!

WHO.A.U, 22 W. 34th Street between 5th & 6th Avenues

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Craig Says: Shop For a Cause!

The only feeling greater than shopping is the feeling you get when donating to a great cause. What happens when you combine these? Macy's Fifth Annual Shop for a Cause Day!

On Saturday, October 16th, shoppers will be given the opportunity to donate $5 in return for a shopping pass that gives them 20% off all regular priced items, 10% off all sale items, and 25% off one regular item of choice.Be sure to stop by the store where Macy's will be giving away a $500 shopping spree to someone. How great is that?

The best part of this event is that every cent from the proceeds of the shopping passes goes straight to charity. If you buy your pass in stores, the money will be donated to Feeding America and The Family Violence Prevention Fund. If you buy the pass online, the proceeds will benefit the Wounded Warrior Project.

This is the perfect opportunity to grab any last minute fall trend pieces your closet is lacking! See you on Saturday!

Macy's Herald Square, 151 W. 34th Street btwn Broadway & 7th Avenue

Friday, October 8, 2010

Nautica to the Outerwear Rescue

I received a plea for outerwear help from a co-worker recently, and I sent him to Zara but the prices and styles weren't quite for him. Then I got an email from Nautica promoting a sale, so now I'm sending him to Macy's Herald Square:

I've been trying to talk aforementioned co-worker into a trench. These are classic, but not totally dull. $178 pre-sale.

Too casual for work, but I love corduroy, $128 pre-sale.

I'm a sucker for a toggle coat. $298 pre-sale.

And if he finds something he likes but it's not on sale, I'll send him to the Nautica website because he'll get 30% off till the 11th. What a deal, because suddenly it's really not summer anymore in NYC.

Grey anorak, yes. And you can take 30% off its sale price of $79.50.

Seriously cute buttons w/grosgrain ribbon, $99.50 pre-sale.

Of course, I had to add a couple girl picks.Nautica always gets me with their clean, classic sporty look.

Macy's Herald Square, 34th Street between Broadway & 7th Avenue