Monday, October 4, 2010

Elle's Picks From the Past

I tried on Elle's picks for H&M at the 34th & 7th Avenue store just days before Fashion Week, and now, looking at the pictures, I'm regretting the loss of the leather top ($79.95). And the horsey cardigan ($34.95), how could I have passed on a tongue-in-cheek horse cardigan?

Adore these knit tights, $29.95.Too small for me.
These pants are amazing, fit like a glove. Got them for fashion week. Look for "Super Sqin" denim, $29.95.

Blue peasant top was $19.95.

Top $14.95, pants $34.95.
Top $34.95, pants $34.95. Don't think I'd pair these, though!

I was a little unsure if all of these were Elle picks. They were mostly grouped in one section of the store, and some had tags, some didn't. It didn't really matter to me, as it all looked pretty good and I was happy to run through a section of well-edited looks. I'd definitely shop more H&M Elle picks in the future.

H&M, 34th Street and 7th Avenue


Midtown Girl said...

The horsey cardi is fab!!! but you would look fab in anything of course <3

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I'm kinda in love with the brown ruffled top!!

Jessie C said...

love love love the horsey cardigan and those fit-like-a-glove black pants!! will have to try it out myself :D