Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Macy's Herald Square Downstairs: Pylones Rule

Pylones skull stapler. That says it all.
After a visit to B&H yesterday, I wandered around the 34th Street district in a hypnotic, B&H state. This happens every time I observe their overhead trolley system in action. It's all-consuming: How does it work? Why isn't everything in the world moved by overhead trolleys? How can I get one in my apartment? etc. etc.

So I did the sane thing and walked down into the bowels of Macy's Herald Square to snap out of it (and to use the ladies room). I passed through the big Macy's Sports section, moved on through the men's leather coat and bathrobe section (yes, that's how big Macy's Herald Square is) and got distracted by a Nautica robe on sale (Xmas* gift?):

They are so plush, so dad, so $69.99 on sale. I want to wear one all winter.

Then I continued on toward the Cellar Bar and Grill, where I saw these fabulous, Mad Men-like aprons:

 And ran into the motherlode of gift sections, Pylones:

Pylones is French, thus the very quaint reusable bags.
Evil/cute kitty umbrella with fluffy tail & cover. See in person for full fluffy effect.
There are possibly gazillions of things in here I can give my sisters for the holidays*. You can't move or turn your head a centimeter without wanting to touch, grab, photograph, and buy. Pylones has stores in the city, and now this very convenient Macy's Herald Square location in the basement next to the Cellar Bar and Grill and the restrooms.Don't forget, this little boutique in Macy's has a skull stapler. We all need a skull stapler at work.

*Forgive me, shoppers, for mentioning the holidays in October. But a favorite fantasy is that I've finished all my Christmas shopping by Halloween. This, of course, will never actually happen.

Macy's Herald Square, 34th Street between Broadway & 7th Avenue


La Belette Rouge said...

The skulls remind me of Craig Ferguson's cohost. Hilariousness. Love me the evil/cute kitty.xoxo