Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Le Chateau 34th Street is Le Gone

Intern Craig and I were walking past Le Chateau on 34th Street in late August and I immediately started complaining: the store needed an update, its price-points were too high for its offerings, blah blah. I was in a grouchy mood that day. But, to my surprise, Craig defended the Canadian retailer: "I have a friend from Canada, and she says it's a different store up there." Meaning the Canadians get the fabulous Le Chateau while we suffer with the dated 80's version (yes, I used to shop there for fringed, cropped suede jackets).

Craig and I saw this sign on Fashion's Night Out.
So, another reason to move to Canada, besides their really great health care and fabulous maternity leave? Perhaps. But I no longer have Le Chateau on 34th Street to bitch about because it's been closed since September 13th.

No word yet on who may take over this space, but we could start spreading rumors while we wait on tenterhooks to get confirmed Uniqlo 34th Street rumors. I'll start: JCrew. If they can get the second floor, that is, as we've got to have a two-level JCrew on 34th Street. Oh, and I'll take a Topshop. Or an Urban Outfitters, or Anthropologie, or ...


Make Do Style said...

Oh an interesting development. I like a rumour or 2! Let us know asap - can you do bets?

Also you can dish the insider info on anyone, I love your stories. The Stella one is steller!
Fashion is a hard business, one can forgive old folks making silly decisions but personal insults are a different matter! Imagine if I ever bumped into Stella - gosh that would be interesting.

Tricia said...

The personal insults - yikes! Maybe I should do a post on this. I've got a few good ones, and even comments from a few heroes that others would find insulting, but from being in the fashion business I just viewed as constructive criticism!