Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Are you running around 34th Street right now looking for a last-minute costume? Well, you can follow @34thStNYC on Twitter and get some great impromptu ideas, or you can stop by H&M Herald Square and pick up a mask in the kids department. Tell them the cat sent you.

Mask from H&M Kids, dress from W118 by Walter found at the Chelsea Market Prive sample sale.

Meow! Happy Halloween!

Update: Demented Sailor Panda on the loose! Woooooooo.

But she's smiling, so it's friendly demented. Panda mask also from H&M Kids Herald Square.

H&M Herald Square 34th Street and Sixth Avenue

Friday, October 28, 2011

34th Street Weekend Sales Picks: The Halloween Edition

#1.  Kmart
Because they have the best selection of Halloween costumes on 34th Street, and most are 50% off. Also, their Halloween decorations and masks (below, with the fake blood and zombie makeup) are 25-30% off, and there is an enormous row of candy on sale for your trick-or-treater bowl.  34th Street and Seventh Avenue

#2.  Daffy's Herald Square
Because it could be cold on Halloween night while you're roaming the neighborhood and scaring the kids, so get a fabulous furry vest or warm coat for 40-50% off.  Herald Center, Broadway and 34th Street

#3.   Social Apparel
Because you can get bellydance skirts and other amazing shiny things to adorn your Halloween costume. For instance, if you want to be a Dead Prom Queen there are perfect, high-school-formal-dance dresses galore. Manhattan Mall level 2, 33rd Street and Sixth Avenue

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sebago for Spring 2012

During fashion week last month I had the chance to drop by Robert Verdi's Lounge in Midtown just off of 34th Street to view Kimmie Smith's collaboration with Sebago for Spring 2012, and Kimmie has made me a Sebago convert.

Love the color combinations. Congrats to Kimmie on making a traditional boat shoe so chic! She's even got packable styles perfect for travel. Kimmie's Sebagos will be available in Bloomingdale's and on HSN in the spring, and some of these men's styles can be found in Macy's Herald Square come spring:

I'm totally on board (haha) with the boat shoe getting a stylish makeover, especially from a fashion blogger and media personality as lovely and chic as Kimmie. Well done, Sebago!

Macy's Herald Square 34th Street between Broadway and Seventh Avenue

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Timberland's Sundance Party on 34th Street

It's not too late to RSVP! If you want to drop by the party at Timberland on 34th Street tonight, email and get on the list.

Tonight's the "Sundance Film Festival Style Night Out." Did you know Timberland has been an official Sundance sponsor for the last four years? Well, tonight you can hang out with your girls Sundance style, which I just made up but doesn't it evoke drinks, great food, great music, and warm, fabulous boots? Stylist Lala Lopez will be in attendance helping you come up with your perfect Timberland look, photographers will be on hand to capture it on film, and then you can enter the Timberland Sundance Film Festival "Girlfriend Getaway." Go here for more details, because you don't have to be at the party tonight to enter. Also, the first 100 women to purchase Timberland boots or accessories tonight will get a special gift. Party starts at 6pm and goes till 8, you must rsvp at email above to get on the list.

Now let's enjoy my Timberland picks, so you'll be somewhat prepared while sipping on your winter-themed cocktails tonight.

Horsey and chic, $210.

Butch and chic, $130.

Up-to-the knee and chic, $199.99.
* all prices are from

Timberland 28 W. 34th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues
event runs from 6PM-8PM

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Express: Irresistible Sparkle & Shine

I had to try on the colored jeans at Express after seeing the red ones, but it was the blues that really caught my eye. And while at Express Manhattan Mall last week, I had to try on a myriad of other pants, as they were having a buy one get one for 50% off sale. And then I kept spotting shiny things, and soon I was carrying an armful into the dressing room.

Super sparkly legs = super need. $98.

Disco Mama jacket with liquid leggings. Jacket is $128.

The blue look I first posted here

Anyone else feeling this way about Express these days? I keep grabbing, and grabbing, and liking what I'm seeing in the mirror.

Express Manhattan Mall lower level, 33rd Street and Sixth Avenue

Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Birthday, Baby Herald!

JCPenney recently asked me to participate in a birthstone promotion for October and I said yes because that's the month my girl was born. JCPenney sent us this necklace (left) and a gift card for $50, and I went shopping, inspired by my girl's whole October birth month thing.

I'd like to start this post by showing you my most scary maternity pictures. Below, I am going to the hospital almost a week past my due date (terrible quality shots, they were taken with my mom's ancient digital).

As you can see, I was big. So big that men would yell at me as I walked down the street "How many you got in there?" The nice Russian girl who did my sonograms each month would say, "Wow, that's a BIG baby, a big, BIG baby." Oddly, none of this annoyed me. I let people touch my belly, I yelled back "Just one!" to all those guys on the street, and at each test I'd say "Yes, we have big babies in my family." Also, EVERYONE said to me "You're going to have a boy." We heard this so often we began to believe it, and although we didn't know the sex, I started buying blue baby things.

Of course, I had a girl.
We both have our eyes closed, it's genetic. Dress and sweater are I Heart Ronson from JCPenney, shoes are Zara last season.

My girl's October birthstone is opal, and the JCPenney version is delicate and feminine and girly and everything that I'm not. I would have never bought something like this for myself. But it suits her perfectly, as she is my perfect little opposite baby. Note the photographic evidence.

MNG by Mango dress, I Heart Ronson sweater, Gap boots. Her: JCP American Living dress.

Blond, with blue eyes, and looks adorable in pink which I never wear. So when I was shopping for us at JCPenney, I tried to buy things I wouldn't normally buy, namely, dresses. I also went for colorful prints, like the I Heart Ronson dress above, but cheated a little and also did black and white with the MNG by Mango dress. But hey, it's a print, and there's a ruffle on the collar. I'm pushing my boundaries.

I could get all mushy and talk about how she pushes me daily to go beyond my boundaries, but I'll end instead with a picture of us a few weeks after she was born.

This photo first appeared here. I was really hormonal.

Haha, see, she's wearing blue! Which is why I love how the opal in the necklace has a little blue color play. Now I have to go have a little cry because oh my god, they grow so fast.

p.s. hey, pregnant women: JCPenney also has awesome maternity jeans. And you can stop hyperventilating after seeing my maternity pictures now, because as you see I was half that size like immediately. And I was really, really big. 

JCPenney Manhattan Mall lower levels 1&2, 33rd Street and Sixth Avenue

Friday, October 21, 2011

Now Open: UNIQLO 34th Street

The line outside Uniqlo 34th Street at noon today.

I just got back from an afternoon of stalking Uniqlo 34th Street's opening day, and the line to get in was totally manageable. I was in the store and shopping in under 5 minutes. Granted, things will most likely pick up after 5pm, but if you can, drop by for those $9.90 jeans. They are available, along with other opening day specials, while supplies last. Supply looked quite robust a half hour ago.

+J on the second floor of Uniqlo 34th Street.

The Heattech, too, looks abundant, the cashmere is in neat piles, and YES there is +J, a gorgeous selection on the second floor for both men and women (above). I'll be returning to try it on next week. Really, the major crazy area while I was there was the first $9.90 denim table on the second floor (below). Just calmly walk past this table to one of several tables further back, where you can pick out your jeans without the frenzied crowd being carefully monitored by a Uniqlo staffer on a stool. Now that's power.

Jeans table with staffer folding on a stool to the right of mannequins.
Uniqlo had this event nailed: security everywhere outside carefully monitoring the flow of traffic and policing line jumpers (seriously, the NYPD was at the front door to let everyone know Uniqlo meant business). Also, I hardly need to give you any more information, as there are friendly staffers everywhere, even on loudspeaker, letting everyone know where to find the $9.90 jeans, etc.

Welcome, Uniqlo, on 34th Street. What's next for 34th Street? Let me spend a weekend chanting with Swamileon and I'll get back to you.

Uniqlo 34th Street 31 W. 34th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues

34th Street Weekend Sales Picks: Grand Openings and Grand Re-Openings

#1.  Uniqlo
Because, while supplies last, you can get jeans for $9.90, heattech short-sleeved tops for $9.90, and cashmere for $49.90. Get there soon to take advantage of store opening specials!  31 W. 34th Street

The $9.90 jeans table

#2.  H&M Seventh Avenue
Because it's their grand re-opening this week, so there are specials all over the store, including great men's stuff on the lower level (below). Also, the first 300 shoppers in line each day through Sunday the 23rd will get an Access to Fashion gift pass worth anywhere from $10-$500.  435 Seventh Avenue at 34th Street

#3.  Famous Footwear
Because all their boots are on sale, and I just got my husband a pair of Sorel winter boots for $99.  250 W. 34th Street

Thursday, October 20, 2011

alice + olivia for Spring 2012

Repost! I first published this today over at the Bryant Park blog. There's a fabulous alice + olivia boutique on the south side of the park on 40th Street. It's a must visit for the perfect pants and/or dress.

Really, what's more spring than this?

There is nothing more spring than a shoe tree. That pretty much says it all about the alice + olivia presentation for Spring 2012, as the clothes, too, were spring perfection with fabulous and feminine touches. At designer Stacey Bendet's presentation during New York Fashion Week, the Veuve was flowing, the towers of mini Sprinkles cupcakes beckoned, and a cavernous room full of alice + olivia charmed everyone. Naturally, we all lingered as long as possible and took in all of this:

A favorite model tableau from the alice + olivia spring collection. Shoe tree in background.

Look for these black and white concoctions in the Bryant Park boutique next spring, and click to view more gorgeous styles after the jump. [click here to view more photos at the Bryant Park blog!]

Shop alice + olivia at their Bryant Park boutique, 80 W. 40th Street just east of Sixth Avenue

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

H&M's 34th Street Grand Re-Opening

Yesterday was the showroom, and today it's a grand re-opening. H&M's 34th Street Penn Station store has been getting a makeover for the past six months, and now she's all pretty and ready for a party.

Why do you care?
Starting tomorrow, the 20th, through Sunday, the 23rd, the first 300 shoppers in line each day will get an Access to Fashion gift pass worth anywhere from $10-$500, as well as giveaways and in-store offers. And tomorrow morning the winner of the $500 gift card will also get early access to the store for a half hour before the opening. This is like my dream promotion, and H&M totally gets it. Who doesn't want first pick and zero dressing room lines?!

Why I Love H&M: I'm almost always wearing something H&M. Here's My Joey Ramone Look from back in August, featuring H&M cropped jacket and skinny jeans. 

H&M 34th Street Grand Re-Opening Party
Kicks off at 9am tomorrow morning at 435 Seventh Avenue & 34th Street

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

H&M's Metallic Chic

I had the great pleasure of visiting the H&M showroom last week, and I've now got two reasons to look forward to shopping H&M in November.

Have you chosen your favorite metal yet? I have, and it's wrinkly silver. The above is from a new H&M line. It's so new, there's no official name yet, but as you can see this is way up there on the chic scale. So while I'm eagerly anticipating Versace for H&M November 19th, I'm also going to be pounding on those 34th Street doors as soon as all this comes to town.

H&M Herald Square
34th Street and Sixth Avenue 
34th Street and Seventh Avenue

Monday, October 17, 2011

UNIQLO 34th Street Opening Specials

Uniqlo on 34th Street is opening this Friday at noon, and there are lots of special, grand opening day prices to be had. The $9.90 jean that was offered at the Fifth Avenue opening last Friday will also be available at the 34th Street store till supplies last (women's are the skinny fit, men's are the regular fit straight). Scroll through below to check out all the deals, including packable down, cashmere, and heat generated clothing.

Also, there's a special gift for the first 20,000 shoppers at 34th Street: free original tote in one of five Uniqlo designs. Seriously, 20,000. Now that's what I call a dedicated opening day gift.

Uniqlo 34th Street 31 W. 34th Street between 5th & 6th Avenues

Friday, October 14, 2011

34th Street Weekend Sales Picks: The Manhattan Mall Edition

#1.  Express
Because I'm super impressed with Express these days. And all bottoms are BOGO 50% off. And their skinny jean leggings are really awesome (fit and color are fabulous). SERIOUSLY if you want the blue buy them fast, there weren't many left!  33rd Street at Sixth Avenue, level 1

And how adorable is the blue blouse? So cute I hardly mind the matchy-matchy!

#2. Charlotte Russe
Because their faux pleather jackets lured me into the store, but the shoe and jewelry sale kept me browsing. Jewelry is 2 for $10, shoes are BOGO for $15.50, and they do have some killer corsets for Halloween from $20.  33rd Street at Sixth Avenue, level 1

This isn't on sale, but it's so cute I had to post it. 

#3.  JCPenney
Because you can knock out a big chunk of your holiday shopping at their new WRAPT gift boutique in store at Manhattan Mall. And most of the brands like The Smile Shop and X-Treme Geek are BOGO 50% off. Go to town, Santa.  33rd Street at Sixth Avenue, lower levels 1 & 2

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Interview With Dylan Candy Bar's Dylan Lauren

WRAPT gift boutique at JCPenney Manhattan Mall.

During the WRAPT holiday preview last week, I got a chance to speak with Dylan Lauren and ask her a few questions about Dylan's Candy Bar and her partnership with JCPenney's new in-store gift boutique, WRAPT.  Featuring six different brands, WRAPT is now open in JCPenney Manhattan Mall and will launch in other JCP's throughout the country on October 21st.

Dylan Lauren of Dylan's Candy Bar at the JCPenney WRAPT holiday preview.

Me: How did this relationship with JCPenney evolve?

DL: We started wholesaling with a lot of different department stores, and this WRAPT idea came up, and I think it's just a hipper concept for the JCPenney customer. If you look at the other brands, they are brands that a lot of Dylan's Candy Bar customers shop, and I myself like a kitschy and cool product.

When we pitched the idea to be one of the WRAPT brands, we thought it was a great way to reach customers we weren't getting on the east side in the 60's [flagship location]. And JCPenney has so many stores that it's a great reach for us.

Me: Where else can a shopper find Dylan's Candy Bar?

DL: Our flagship is in New York City, and we've been in hotels like the W and Four Seasons, and stores like Macy's, Lord & Taylor, Bloomingdale's. We have stores in other cities like Orlando, Houston, East Hampton, and we're opening Miami and L.A. soon so that'll be exciting. Still, this is a different demographic that's good to reach, and everyone loves candy.

Me: What's your favorite product?

DL: Everything! I think what's exciting is we have a lifestyle brand, it's not just candy, so we have things like stationery and smelly jellies, which are all these different colored pens that smell like candy. I love this stuff, it makes the workday more fun when you have a cupcake notepad!

So I think the non-edible is just as fun as the edible. And there's a lot of color and color makes people happy, and we pay a lot of attention to our packaging. [Dylan points out some cupcake items] There's colorful cupcake cookies, that's for a younger customer, whereas the cupcake truffles make a nice hostess gift, so there's really something for everyone.

Here I interject a random comment about moms having fun opening candy with kids. 

DL: Totally! But also, this is one of my favorites [shows me a boxed gift set]: this is our three-tiered tower box, right now it's exclusive to JCPenney because it's a mini-version, but I like to use these boxes when I'm done with the food that's in it for jewelry and crafty stuff.

Me: Adorable! Thanks so much for your time!

I dropped by JCPenney in Manhattan Mall today and am happy to tell you that several of the brands featured at WRAPT, like The Smile Shop, Maxim, and X-Treme Geek, are buy one get one 50% off. Um, hello holiday bargain! Me, I'm seriously considering the MoMA Design Store owl kitchen timers for all five of my sisters, along with plenty of Dylan's Candy Bar stocking stuffers.

WRAPT Gift Boutique in JCPenney Manhattan Mall 
Lower levels one & two, 33rd Street and Sixth Avenue

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

You Can Still Get Karl Lagerfeld at Macy's Herald Square

Aren't you glad the Kaiser is still hanging around the second floor of Macy's Herald Square? There are plenty of pleather shorts for 25% off because it's all 25% off. Go shop now before the Giambattista Valli takes over Impulse.

This was shot before Fashion Week. I don't remember seeing that jacket on the floor yesterday.

I'll be honest: I have an old post in my drafts saying not very complimentary things about this collection. It will be filed under the very NOT fashionably correct title "Ranting about Karl Lagerfeld." Today I leave you with this: go get those pleather shorts. Also, I really like the flower print blouse.

Lagerfeld for Macy's at the Herald Square store yesterday.
If you look online, there's not much Lagerfeld left, and almost none of it is on sale. You will, however, note that the sleeveless, hooded, faux-croc vest is on sale. The model looks adorable. But I order you to slowly back away from the vest and DO NOT look back... 

 Does faux croc ever not look like plastic?  

Wouldn't you rather get the pretty floral dress? If this is one of those moments where you say to yourself That Doesn't Look So Bad, email me please and I'll send you the photo I'm too vain to publish. The rest of you can go pick out pretty Lagerfeld for what? 25% off!

Macy's Herald Square 151 W. 34th Street between Broadway & 7th Avenue

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Steven Tyler for Andrew Charles At Macy's Herald Square

I first saw the Andrew Charles line when I was trolling Bar III at Macy's Herald Square before Fashion Week. The T-shirts looked very Hard Tail from the '90's meets metal from the '80's. So here is the perfect face for the line, who you can meet this Friday at Macy's Herald Square:

Voila: Steven Tyler of Aerosmith and his daughter Chelsea, who represents Andrew Charles with her dad. I didn't see her fabulous leggings in Herald Square (and I was looking to buy), but they are carrying her T-shirt. Obviously, I need to go to men's and see if I can find Steven's look.

This Friday, October 14th, you can meet Steven Tyler from Aerosmith and get a photo with him, but you've got to hit up Macy's Herald Square on Thursday and be one of the first 300 to buy $100 worth of Andrew Charles clothing. More details and extra special Andrew Charles contest opportunities can be read about here.

Macy's Herald Square 151 W. 34th Street between Broadway & 7th Avenue

Friday, October 7, 2011

34th Street Weekend Sales Picks: H&M's Conscious Collection

Of course, because it's a holiday weekend, sales are everywhere. Aeropostale is having a 70% off sale, Esprit is having a 30% off sale, Gap is having a 50% off's pretty much battle of the percentage this weekend on 34th Street.

  #1. H&M
Because their new Conscious Collection is in both our 34th Street stores, and you can get 25% off one item through Monday (print coupon here).  34th Street and Broadway, 34th Street and Seventh Avenue

#2. Macy's Herald Square
Because it's their big Columbus Day sale, which means 25%-75% off storewide.  151 West 34th Street

#3. Payless
Because BOGO 1/2 off everything is back! And, well, just look at the Isabel Toledos, Sirianos, et al.  110 West 34th Street

This is a rain boot! Send your love to Isabel Toledo.