Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Stacy Lomman's Biohazard for Spring 2012

Photos courtesy of Stacy Lomman

I'm so impressed with Stacy Lomman and the evolution of her personal collection that launched a year ago. At the end of this past New York Fashion Week, I again had the honor of viewing her spring collection. Dubbed "Biohazard," (click to view video) the program notes introduced the clothing to come with a provocative quote: "It's a dangerous world...dress accordingly." This all felt right up my alley and Ms. Lomman did not disappoint.

While looking through my photos, I remembered another thing I loved about Stacy's show besides the theme, the fabric, and the sleek modern design: the rear view. So I put together some shots with front and rear views, because Stacy is one of those designers whose clothes look good from every angle.

My favorite shots. Left, a classic "glancing at the floor" runway pose, and right, why this is probably my favorite dress. See the neon color and the netting overlay?! Dying.

Whoops, no rear shot on this one! But I so adored all the pops of neon color in this collection I had to share. Love this dress; it maybe a tie with the black above.
Red vinyl jumpsuit, oh yeah.
High, low, and asymmetrical. It's got it all.
You haven't lived till you've seen the Biohazard wedding dress up close and personal.
Finale shots! These only have one view. Be sure to follow Stacy's blog, Taffeta Darlings, for news about future collections and how/where to buy.


WendyB said...

It was a great show! Loved the neon and the asymmetry.

stacy said...

What a lovely write up, thank you so much. So glad to have you there!! Even happier that I didn't disappoint :) Much love!

stacy said...

PS -- I also wanted to say that it feels really good when I hear that people appreciate the back views too! :-)