Wednesday, October 19, 2011

H&M's 34th Street Grand Re-Opening

Yesterday was the showroom, and today it's a grand re-opening. H&M's 34th Street Penn Station store has been getting a makeover for the past six months, and now she's all pretty and ready for a party.

Why do you care?
Starting tomorrow, the 20th, through Sunday, the 23rd, the first 300 shoppers in line each day will get an Access to Fashion gift pass worth anywhere from $10-$500, as well as giveaways and in-store offers. And tomorrow morning the winner of the $500 gift card will also get early access to the store for a half hour before the opening. This is like my dream promotion, and H&M totally gets it. Who doesn't want first pick and zero dressing room lines?!

Why I Love H&M: I'm almost always wearing something H&M. Here's My Joey Ramone Look from back in August, featuring H&M cropped jacket and skinny jeans. 

H&M 34th Street Grand Re-Opening Party
Kicks off at 9am tomorrow morning at 435 Seventh Avenue & 34th Street