Friday, October 21, 2011

Now Open: UNIQLO 34th Street

The line outside Uniqlo 34th Street at noon today.

I just got back from an afternoon of stalking Uniqlo 34th Street's opening day, and the line to get in was totally manageable. I was in the store and shopping in under 5 minutes. Granted, things will most likely pick up after 5pm, but if you can, drop by for those $9.90 jeans. They are available, along with other opening day specials, while supplies last. Supply looked quite robust a half hour ago.

+J on the second floor of Uniqlo 34th Street.

The Heattech, too, looks abundant, the cashmere is in neat piles, and YES there is +J, a gorgeous selection on the second floor for both men and women (above). I'll be returning to try it on next week. Really, the major crazy area while I was there was the first $9.90 denim table on the second floor (below). Just calmly walk past this table to one of several tables further back, where you can pick out your jeans without the frenzied crowd being carefully monitored by a Uniqlo staffer on a stool. Now that's power.

Jeans table with staffer folding on a stool to the right of mannequins.
Uniqlo had this event nailed: security everywhere outside carefully monitoring the flow of traffic and policing line jumpers (seriously, the NYPD was at the front door to let everyone know Uniqlo meant business). Also, I hardly need to give you any more information, as there are friendly staffers everywhere, even on loudspeaker, letting everyone know where to find the $9.90 jeans, etc.

Welcome, Uniqlo, on 34th Street. What's next for 34th Street? Let me spend a weekend chanting with Swamileon and I'll get back to you.

Uniqlo 34th Street 31 W. 34th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues