Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Birthday, Baby Herald!

JCPenney recently asked me to participate in a birthstone promotion for October and I said yes because that's the month my girl was born. JCPenney sent us this necklace (left) and a gift card for $50, and I went shopping, inspired by my girl's whole October birth month thing.

I'd like to start this post by showing you my most scary maternity pictures. Below, I am going to the hospital almost a week past my due date (terrible quality shots, they were taken with my mom's ancient digital).

As you can see, I was big. So big that men would yell at me as I walked down the street "How many you got in there?" The nice Russian girl who did my sonograms each month would say, "Wow, that's a BIG baby, a big, BIG baby." Oddly, none of this annoyed me. I let people touch my belly, I yelled back "Just one!" to all those guys on the street, and at each test I'd say "Yes, we have big babies in my family." Also, EVERYONE said to me "You're going to have a boy." We heard this so often we began to believe it, and although we didn't know the sex, I started buying blue baby things.

Of course, I had a girl.
We both have our eyes closed, it's genetic. Dress and sweater are I Heart Ronson from JCPenney, shoes are Zara last season.

My girl's October birthstone is opal, and the JCPenney version is delicate and feminine and girly and everything that I'm not. I would have never bought something like this for myself. But it suits her perfectly, as she is my perfect little opposite baby. Note the photographic evidence.

MNG by Mango dress, I Heart Ronson sweater, Gap boots. Her: JCP American Living dress.

Blond, with blue eyes, and looks adorable in pink which I never wear. So when I was shopping for us at JCPenney, I tried to buy things I wouldn't normally buy, namely, dresses. I also went for colorful prints, like the I Heart Ronson dress above, but cheated a little and also did black and white with the MNG by Mango dress. But hey, it's a print, and there's a ruffle on the collar. I'm pushing my boundaries.

I could get all mushy and talk about how she pushes me daily to go beyond my boundaries, but I'll end instead with a picture of us a few weeks after she was born.

This photo first appeared here. I was really hormonal.

Haha, see, she's wearing blue! Which is why I love how the opal in the necklace has a little blue color play. Now I have to go have a little cry because oh my god, they grow so fast.

p.s. hey, pregnant women: JCPenney also has awesome maternity jeans. And you can stop hyperventilating after seeing my maternity pictures now, because as you see I was half that size like immediately. And I was really, really big. 

JCPenney Manhattan Mall lower levels 1&2, 33rd Street and Sixth Avenue


Meg said...

Aww! I thought my firstborn was going to be a boy too, but surprise, it was my sweet Annie. Daughters are wonderful, except when they graduate from wanting toys for their birthdays to wanting expensive designer clothes that you can't buy on 34th Street, darn it! —Meg

Tricia said...

Oh, the expectations of a New York girl, I'm scared!

Anonymous said...

Oh Tricia, I LOVED this! Happy birthday to your little gal!

Peg said...

What fun to see all the past memories. What little girl doesn't want to be a princess, and she fits the picture perfectly. She will always be your princess!