Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Streets is Back!

Zip line, climbing wall, picnicking, and dancing are all things you can do where for the next three Saturdays? On New York City streets! More specifically, from Central Park to the Brooklyn Bridge on Park Avenue and Lafayette Street, as Summer Streets is kicking off this Saturday, back for its fifth year of opening up almost seven miles of city streets for our walking, biking, and general romping pleasure.

Did I say romping? If you're looking for rompers, you will be passing by 34th Street during Summer Streets, so feel free to cruise west and do some shopping for play clothes.

Need more visuals? Watch the below video, and visit NYC.gov for more information. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Back to School + Free Haircuts at jcpenney

Not only is jcpenney giving away free haircuts for K-6 at their salons for August...

...but they've also got some amazing back-to-school styles. Here are some of my favorite looks from the Back-to-School preview, and they are Olsenboye, Arizona, and Decree-heavy. The whole fun, British punk feel from the preview is very timely with the Olympics bringing the Anglo-fever these days. Also, jcpenney shoes for fall? Holy totally fabulous.

Manhattan Mall, 33rd Street and Sixth Avenue

Saturday, July 28, 2012

34th Street Weekend Sale Picks: Shoes, Accessories, and a Killer Billabong Sale

Intern LCogs writes up sales on 34th Street for the weekend... 

#1. Afaze

Because they've got cute shoes, accessories and dresses that are 50% and 70% off! If you are looking for inexpensive and sassy summer wedges or sandals, definitely check out the sale here. Manhattan Mall, Level 1 (33rd St. & 6th Ave.)

#2. Call It Spring

Because a large majority of their shoes are 30% off as well as their bags! They've got some great printed canvas bags and spectacular colorful pumps. Manhattan Mall, Level 1 (33rd St. & 6th Ave.)

#3. Billabong
Because all clothing and bags in the store are buy one get one 50% off! Everything in the store is reasonably priced, has a summer bohemian style and is a really comfortable material. My favorite was the dress on the right with the paisley flower pattern. 112 W. 34th St.

#4. Gap
Because there are so many pieces of clothing that are either 30% or 40% off! Tanks, skirts, tops - a lot of really great stuff. 60 W. 34th St.

I hope that everyone enjoys their weekend :) 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thank You, Lucky Brand Tankini

This post is for those of us who want to hide their stomachs on the beach and at the pool. Personally, until I get back my pre-baby six-pack abs (or were they three-packs?) I need a tankini. I refuse, however, to do a skirt. Maybe when I'm 60.

Macy's Herald Square is the best for swimsuit shopping. Always I find multiple options when I finally bite the bullet and commit to an afternoon of trying on swimsuits. Also, they have very bathing suit-friendly mirrors. I wish I really looked that good.

In store selection right now, so late in the season?  Lucky Brand, hands down, has superior tankini options at Macy's Herald Square. These aren't just stomach-camouflaging, they are STYLISH. Hallelujah and amen. The above Lucky Brand tankini is not only chic with the ruffles and the print, but is also made of the softest material I've ever felt on a bathing suit. This tankini is comfortable. I'd put that in CAPS but I don't want to be screaming at you through this entire post.

The above suit is by Profile by Gottex, and it was up there with the Lucky Brand. Sadly this is the last size on the floor. This tankini, with its draping and folds, is like magic. The bottom fit me better than any bikini bottom has ever fit me, and that's usually my problem area.

Here's what I took home: a blue Lucky Brand backless tankini. This is The Cutest Tankini in the World but you can't tell from these photos. The top has a slight a-line shape, and the back drapes open from a tie. Somehow, this front shape, the open back, the cut of the bottom, and the pattern peeking out from the rear make for the cutest, sexiest little tankini I've ever tried on. 

Odds of a photo of me in this tankini appearing on this blog? Yeah, zero. You're going to have to take my word on this. If you have been procrastinating on your swimsuit shopping like me, stop by Macy's Herald Square soon as sizes are limited. Good news is a lot of them are on sale, including the Lucky Brand. I got the top and the bottom for just under $100. 

Macy's Herald Square
151 West 34th Street between Broadway and Seventh Avenue

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Searching for Fashion Star

When I saw the Fashion Star on sale on Macys.com, I had to go to Herald Square and stalk the sale racks to see if any was still hanging around. Guess what? Hardly any of the Kara Laricks final collection is there. ALMOST NONE. But if you want to look for yourself, I found the below pants on the third floor, Broadway side, in the sale racks at the bar III department. I also found a sole, plum Lizzie tunic, but personally I found it awkwardly constructed and really short.

Top and green lace bra underneath is bar III, pants are from Kara Laricks final Fashion Star collection.

And, because I was in the land of bar III, I had to try on some of that, too. I would have gotten these orange pants but they were just a bit too short. I like my wide-leg hems dragging on the ground.

Yeah, I got the whole look. I realized I don't have a pair of good neutral trousers, shocking! And that grey top is #1. really long in the back for days you're trying to hide something, and #2. very lightweight for summer. I'd be in heels if I hadn't thrown out my back last week. Thanks, Kimmie Smith x Sebago shoes!

We're still working on zipper skills.

Macy's Herald Square
151 West 34th Street between Broadway & Seventh Avenue

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Coming to 34th Street: Sam Ash

News broke this morning that music store Sam Ash is moving the majority of its West 48th Street stores south to 34th Street.

"Sam Ash's Drum Shop on West 48th Street via Bam Bam the Influence" - Racked NY

Many will continue to lament the fading away of "Music Row." Sam Ash was prophetic in telling Jeremiah's Vanishing New York back in 2009 that "Music Row as you know it will be gone in a few years." But the property owners of Sam Ash's current locations are planning a condo, so the music store is coming to 333 West 34th Street between Eighth and Ninth Avenues (and may also keep a small presence on 48th Street). This will make Sam Ash neighbor to B&H, Hammerstein Ballroom, and Madison Square Garden.

Sam Ash's new location, walking west toward Ninth Avenue.
View from the south side of 34th Street between 8th and Ninth.

We happily welcome the addition of a music store like Sam Ash to West 34th Street, and with the proximity of several music venues it certainly seems like a good fit.

Sam Ash 
Coming to 333 West 34th Street

Monday, July 23, 2012

Fall '12 UGG Australia: My Miss and the Many Hits

What was I most sad about missing when I forgot to schedule the UGG Australia Fall '12 Preview into my calendar? It wasn't the popcorn, the male models on pedestals, or Alec Baldwin (and I really love popcorn).

 Nope, it was seeing the gorgeous UGG Collection boots and shoes. Autumn is my season, and every fall preview I want to spend the coming season in UGG Collection.

But this preview, I particularly missed out on seeing the regular UGG Australia styles up close and personal. They have truly outdone themselves.

So much good stuff.

You can find classic UGG shoes and boots at Journey's on 34th Street. For the Collection, travel to the gorgeous UGG Australia boutique on Madison Avenue. Below are a few more favorite picks of standout styles and accessories for fall.

Steal these from the guys.

All of the above: Want.
UGG Australia always excels at gloves and scarves.

Herald Center, 34th Street and Broadway

Friday, July 20, 2012

34th Street Weekend Sale Picks: Shorts Galore & Summer Goodness

Intern LCogs writes up sales on 34th Street for the weekend...

#1. American Eagle

Because they've got a great deal on summer clothing! If you buy one pair of shorts you can get a second pair for only $10. There are shorts with flower patterns, white washed pairs and ones with fun glitter pockets. They're really short shorts though, so if that's not a style you're into they've got a deal on tank-tops (some with lace on the back) as well as dresses. The one below also comes in navy blue. 40 W. 34th Street.

#2. Who.A.U

Because they're having a Hot Summer Sale! All shorts are 30% off. Summery dresses, tanks, and t-shirts are on sale throughout the store as well. 22 W. 34th St.

#3. Levi's

Because their already reduced items get an additional 30% off! I've always regarded Levi's as a really reliable brand in terms of quality. Their jeans last me a long time and are always comfortable. 45 W. 34th St.

#4. Uniqlo

Because they've got an assortment of clothing on sale! Colorful summer items such as tank-tops, dresses, skirt and shorts. They also have summer beach hats on sale as well as their infamous AIRism t-shirts and comfy lounge wear. 31 W. 34th St.

#5. Aldo

Because they're having an extra 30% off all sale footwear! Not only that, but they also have 2 for $20 sunglasses and a bunch of purses that are 50% off. 27 W. 34th St.

Have a stupendous weekend everyone! :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Alternative Apparel Holiday 2012 Press Preview

Below, Intern LCogs visits the Alternative Apparel holiday preview as I was home nursing a bad back. God bless muscle relaxers and Advil.

Alternative Apparel's new line of clothing for this holiday season is a comfort-seeker's dream. Their clothing is incredibly soft, 100% cotton, and has a vintage, cozy look and feel to it. Their inspiration for the new line came from the neighborhood vibe of San Francisco, which translates to lots of color, some great holiday patterns, and an all-around hip and relaxed winter aura.

I can just picture myself curled up by the fire, drinking hot cocoa, feeling lazy and tired, but still looking put together 'cause I'd be rocking a colorful hoodie or one of these patterned sweaters.

Alongside the colorful and patterned apparel were some really fantastic purses and handbags that were of similar style to the clothing: retro and urban-inspired. 

Look for the Alternative Apparel boutique at Macy's Herald Square next to the Impulse Department, normally on 2, but now on 3 during store renovations.

Macy's Herald Square
34th Street between Broadway and Seventh Avenue

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

From the Archives: Jerry McAuley's Helping Hands

Today our archivist, Anne Kumer, talks about finding religion and founding missions. This post also appears on NYC Circa.

Just south of Greeley Square Park on West 32nd Street, near Sixth Avenue and one of the neighborhood's drastically altered corners is the former location of one of Jerry McAuley's rescue missions. The Cremorne Mission was established in 1882 by Jerry McAuley his wife Maria.

McAuley was a river thief and alcoholic who, while serving time in Sing Sing, found religion and vowed to change his ways. After his release in 1864, a couple of relapses, and many personal struggles, he established one of the first rescue missions in the city that catered to adult men -- most at the time concentrated their efforts on women and children -- and called it The Helping Hand for Men. McAuley's mission was located on Water Street and by the 1880s, was a well-known and respected establishment. Around this time the McAuleys decided to expand their efforts into the much talked about Tenderloin district further uptown.

(In yet another weird connection between 34th Street and Bryant Park, William E. Dodge, who now presides over the Reading Room in BP, was also one of the Cremorne Mission's early financiers.)

McAuley chose the name and location for his new mission carefully, opening it next door to a gambling house that provided all types of vice at all hours with no cover charge. In hopes of luring wayward drunks toward their salvation McAuley cleverly gave his mission a very similar name to its neighbor. On plenty of occasions patrons of the Cremorne Gardens who were looking to revel in a scene like this. . .

. . . would accidently enter McAuley's Cremorne Mission, to find a revival sermon in progress similar to this:

Still, many of them stayed, listened to the sermons, changed their ways, and were grateful for the intervention. Some historians theorize that the combination of spirituality, confession, and peer pressure present in the Mission formed the basis for today's Alcoholics Anonymous programs (Sante).

The mission eventually moved to 42nd Street, and was later closed in 1972, though a small memorial to McAuley remains in Greeley Square today. Dedicated in 1913, and donated by the McAuley Committee of the New York City Rescue Mission, the Jerry McAuley Drinking Fountain was the second fountain made in his honor. For for several years, it lived just outside Greeley Square as a monument to McAuley's contribution to the neighborhood. Here is a somewhat awkwardly staged photo of it in use from the mid-1950s:

The fountain has been lovingly restored and is still in Greeley Square Park; look for it in the north end of the park next time you venture to Broadway Boulevard for a class or to scout other neighborhood architectural gems.

Another lasting monument to McAuley and his wife remains in the present-day New York City Rescue Mission. From Water Street to 32nd Street, and back downtown, the NYCRM and its many volunteers continue to help those in need get back on their feet.

**All images courtesy of the NYCRM. Thanks for your amazing work!

Works Cited:
Sante, Luc. Lowlife
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Monday, July 16, 2012

Sad News: Daffy's Closing Shop

A WWD article over the weekend confirmed that Daffy's is shuttering its doors, with most stores "...set to go dark by the end of October." Liquidation sales will "start shortly."

This is very sad news to us at the 34th Street Partnership, as Daffy's was a regional retailer that took great interest in the neighborhoods in which it operated stores. We would like to extend our thanks to Daffy's for its years at Herald Square, and say in earnest: We are really going to miss you. 

Personally, I'm going to miss the great deals Daffy's always provided, like much of the below from a store visit last week. Daffy's carries smaller, lesser-known European labels, in addition to some of the big ones. I'm going to miss the high quality, chic finds Daffy's was so consistent in providing. Also, their kid's clothing and shoe buy? Always the best in town for the price. 

Daffy's Herald Square
34th Street and Broadway in Herald Center

Friday, July 13, 2012

34th Street Weekend Sale Picks: Summer Sale Edition

#1. Gap
Because they've got 40% off already reduced items. This means yes, I bought another kids bathing suit for my girl. Also, when you visit the Herald Square store please keep in mind that renovations are not yet finished! We incorrectly reported a few weeks ago that renovations were complete, but they aren't, so don't panic when you walk into what seems like a greatly reduced store. When completed, the upstairs will be all women's, and the downstairs will be men's, kid's, baby and maternity.  60 West 34th Street

Online it's on sale for $15.99, in Herald Square I got it for $8.99. Just sayin...

#2.  Aldo
Because they're have a big sale, and you can get shoes up to 70% off. Personally I'm stalking their designer collab Rise collections that I'm always raving about.  27 West 34th Street

#3.  WHO.A.U
Because they are having a "Hot Summer" sale of up to 50% off. I know it doesn't feel like plaid shirt weather (or fleece weather), but if you can find any stock up for winter because their plaids are the best on the block. Ditto to the polo's, and don't forget their patch station where you can customize your vest, jacket, etc.  22 West 34th Street