Saturday, July 28, 2012

34th Street Weekend Sale Picks: Shoes, Accessories, and a Killer Billabong Sale

Intern LCogs writes up sales on 34th Street for the weekend... 

#1. Afaze

Because they've got cute shoes, accessories and dresses that are 50% and 70% off! If you are looking for inexpensive and sassy summer wedges or sandals, definitely check out the sale here. Manhattan Mall, Level 1 (33rd St. & 6th Ave.)

#2. Call It Spring

Because a large majority of their shoes are 30% off as well as their bags! They've got some great printed canvas bags and spectacular colorful pumps. Manhattan Mall, Level 1 (33rd St. & 6th Ave.)

#3. Billabong
Because all clothing and bags in the store are buy one get one 50% off! Everything in the store is reasonably priced, has a summer bohemian style and is a really comfortable material. My favorite was the dress on the right with the paisley flower pattern. 112 W. 34th St.

#4. Gap
Because there are so many pieces of clothing that are either 30% or 40% off! Tanks, skirts, tops - a lot of really great stuff. 60 W. 34th St.

I hope that everyone enjoys their weekend :) 


Fashion Sky said...

A wonderful post... loves the clothing...