Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Closing: Orva Shoes on 34th Street

There's going to be a new retail space available at 34 West 34th Street, as Orva Shoes is moving out.

What once was Le Chateau became Orva Shoes around November 2010. What will it be next? Fingers crossed it's something really good. I wouldn't mind something apparel-good, as we're feeling shoe-heavy on the street (don't forget, Vince Camuto is coming next door). But who doesn't want another shoe store?! Of course, this isn't a huge space like the now-vacated Esprit store across the street...

...which is three levels. It's amazing, you think everything is quiet on one of the city's hottest retail strips then boom, we're back to speculating and retail dreaming.

But back to the Orva closing: currently the store is 20% - 50% off, excluding some brands like Hunter and Frye. Here's a sample of current discounts:

Orva Shoes
Closing soon at 34 West 34th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues


Anonymous said...

I walked by yesterday and orva was packed and no sign of them closing

Tricia said...

I know! I noticed the signs had changed from Going Out of Business to just sale signs. But I talked with the powers that be who say they're still moving out, probably early in the new year.

Anonymous said...

I work in the area and pass this store every day there are so sale signs in the window anymore at all and I see trucks unloading in front of the store all the time Orva is not closing your information is inaccurate and the store has lines at the register to pay why would they be closing

Tricia said...

Hi, Anonymous,

This post is from July. As you can see from the signs, at that time Orva was closing and my information was accurate. When I get confirmation that Orva is indeed not moving out of their 34th Street space, I will post that.