Friday, July 29, 2011

34th Street Weekend Sales Picks: Summer Sale Countdown

#1. JCPenney
Because their MNG by Mango dresses are marked down (see below), and pretty much everything else is, too! Last chance for some cute summer looks.  Manhattan Mall lower levels 1 & 2, 33rd Street & Broadway

#2. WHO.A.U
Because they have the cutest striped strapless rompers for $19.50, summer dresses are 30% off, and girl's swimwear is 30% off.  22 W. 34th Street

#3. Gap
Because not only are there racks of basic T's, tanks, and jeans on sale, but when you buy two regularly priced items, you get the third free. And there are lots of pretty new styles in store (ahem studded cross-body bags).  60 W. 34th Street

Thursday, July 28, 2011

#UGGSocialista = Fabulista Fun

SocialistaNY's Amy of Midtown Girl on UGGAustralia terrace

Gorgeous Midtown Girl hosted her first Socialista event this last Tuesday with UGG Australia on their beautiful showroom terrace, and it was pretty fabulista. If you're a fashion blogging, "social media fashionista" type you need to join this group.

Loved meeting Kimmie from Kitten Lounge and always love seeing Jenni from I Spy DIY!

This shot is from UGG Australia's showroom in Midtown, where we headed soon as the rain came pouring down. I'm doing my trademark "eyes-closed" pose. I do this exclusively in the fashion blogging world, it's all mine, ladies. What am I wearing, you ask? 34th Street, of course! The shoes are from Pierre Hardy's first Gap collaboration (old), the pants are from Strawberry Manhattan Mall (new), the shirt is from H&M (old), and I just got the jacket Monday from H&M. I love this cropped H&M jacket. It's $29.95 from the first floor of the Herald Square store.

Here are some other things I love from the UGG Australia showroom.

I've said this before, but let me reiterate here: UGG Australia is not just about the classic UGG anymore. Kimmie and I discussed this at great length: we will always have a classic UGG boot in our closets. We need them for snow, snowed-in weekends, and cozy snow days. But the leather UGGs and small but well-edited collection of  jackets, vests, and accessories (available at their Madison Avenue store) need to be shopped. I fell in love with their leather boots, etc. at the Madison store opening, and the Socialista party just confirmed my enthusiasm. I really love me some UGG. 

For more #UGGSocialista photos check out UGG Australia's Facebook page

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kimono Jsuits, Really

It's jumpsuits like this that make me think perhaps I should just pack it all in and start a 34th Street H&M Tumblr.

This is from the Herald Square store, first floor, front middle section. Even though it's small for me, and even though the shoes I was wearing yesterday don't go with, it's still freaking awesome. This is a GREEN KIMONO STYLE JUMPSUIT. If there was a size 10 I'd say bury me in this. But there are no 10's, just this lone 8 (as of yesterday afternoon), several 2's, 4's, and a couple 6's.

This will go down in my H&M lore with drop crotch baby pants (below, 0-3 months, from September 2010) and, of course, the drop crotch maternity pants I still wear now for the gym, and to bed, and maybe sometimes to work.

H&M Herald Square 34th Street and Broadway

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sweaters at Aéropostale

Whenever I go into Aéropostale on 34th Street I look for something I might wear. Now, Aéropostale never tries to be anything that isn't junior and T-shirt/hoodie basic. I mean that as a compliment. But it's always nice to see something that makes me go hmmm, should I try this on? Particularly with the rose cardigan, I was contemplating a move. How about you, do you ever venture into Aéropostale and end up with the unexpected?

Aéropostale 15 W 34th Street just west of Fifth Avenue

Monday, July 25, 2011

Sephora's Really Personal Beauty Consultation

Want to know one of my big, major insecurities? My skin. My myriad skin problems erupted mid-20's, at the height of my modelling career. I won't go into details, but at one point in my life I felt like I had every skin problem known to dermatology. I dreaded sitting in the makeup chair at fashion shows because the artists would fret over my skin. Nothing kills your pre-show self-esteem more than a critical, tsking makeup artist. Experiences like this and more soon produced not just a dislike of makeovers, but also a mistrust of beauty products. Thanks to concealer abusing makeup girls and disapproving artists, I always felt like a bit of a freakshow clown after a stint in a makeup chair.

So when Sephora on 34th Street asked if I'd come in and experience their Personal Beauty Consultation, a 60-90 minute sit-down with one of their beauty advisors, I felt very ambivalent. Although it sounded like a great service, the thought of that much time in a makeup chair was torture for me. But I decided to give it a go, because perhaps others with bad skin could be persuaded to experience a total beauty makeover if my experience was positive.

As you can see from the above video, thanks to Sephora's Christina Vega, I'm a beauty and makeover convert. Before our consultation, Christina sent me a questionnaire about my skin and hair upon which I whined, a lot, about my skin woes. So when I got to Sephora the next day, Christina had picked out a counter full of all-natural (my request) products perfect for problem skin. After 90 minutes of pampering and makeup application in a private space on the second floor (with water and chocolate!), I found product to love in Tarte and First Aid Beauty. I've been loving Givenchy for ages so that doesn't count.

You can get your own Personal Beauty Consultation when you buy a $125 gift card from Sephora. I don't have to point out how easy it is to spend $125 at Sephora. After the consultation your advisor will email you with a list of all the product she used during your consult, totally helpful for future reference. In addition to Tarte, First Aid Beauty, and Givenchy, Christina also recommended the following products for me:

Go to Sephora on 34th Street and get your own list going! I'll be buying product from my list each visit. While of course I can personally highly recommend Christina, I'm betting their Personal Advisor staff is full of well-trained talent. 

Sephora 34th Street 130 W. 34th Street between Broadway and Seventh Avenue

Friday, July 22, 2011

34th Street Weekend Sales Picks: The Heatwave Edition

#1. Billabong
Because they are having a BOGO 50% off the entire store sale. And the store is full of cool hot weather clothing, big sun hats, sunglasses, flip flops, and more.

From the Element collection, that never disappoints, on second floor of 34th Street store.
#2. Strawberry
Because there are lots of cute cropped tops and tanks on deep discount.

I don't really know what I'm trying to look like here, but I love the cropped  sweater and I bought those pants for $9.99 to wear at the gym, and maybe work. I might sleep in them too.

#3. Borders
Because you need books for the beach, and their liquidation sale has started. For now, most books are 10% off, a select few are 40%, and titles like romance are 30% off. This includes games, stationery, cds, dvds, etc.

Borders Liquidation Sale Update

The yellow signs are up and the liquidation sale has begun at Borders Penn Plaza. I dropped by this morning and the store was packed. Please note: no longer can you get coffee, use the bathroom, or sit around the store on the floor browsing books, etc. Perhaps it was the mother sitting on the floor letting her toddler ransack toys that prompted the voice I soon heard over the loudspeaker, saying something like, "The cafe is closed, there is no access to the bathroom, and there are no longer seating areas in the store. I repeat, no sitting in the store." Tragic! Remember those days of browsing Borders for hours, reading expensive fashion magazines, checking out chapters of self-help books, or taking notes from a travel guide?! No mas.

As for the sales, I was not motivated enough by 10% off to stand in the line at the registers, even though it was moving quickly. Most of the paperbacks, fiction, and non-fiction hardcovers are 10% off. Romance is 30% off, and scattered throughout the store are a few bargain basement deals and 40% off'rs, but 10% is the norm. I almost picked up Bananagrams but again, was too exhausted from walking on 34th Street in the heat to stand in line. Instead, I headed for the nearest, coolest drink and decided to drop by again next week. RIP, Borders Penn Plaza.

Read how the speculation already has begun for Borders real estate

Borders 2 Penn Plaza, 33rd Street and Seventh Avenue

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Desigual: Master of Drop Crotch

Something tells me Desigual was doing harem pants way before all the cool girls started wearing harem pants.

From the Fifth Avenue Desigual store:

Are these the droppiest drop-crotch you've ever seen? Isn't that tank top cute? And have you ever seen a Desigual employee? They put all that Desigual together so well you want to work there and score the employee discount.

What's next for Desigual, beyond the lime green harems? The Christian Lacroix for Desigual collection, a match made in print heaven. I'll be stalking the 34th Street district stores starting now, because according to @Desigual_USA the collection is already in some select stores.

Desigual Herald Square Avenue of the Americas at 35th Street
Desigual Fifth Avenue 34th Street at Fifth Avenue

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Play, Donate! JCPenney's Pennies From Heaven

Today JCPenney launched their "Pennies From Heaven" initiative to support their afterschool programs, and they are already up to 350,145 pennies donated! Once they hit 100,000,000 virtual pennies, JCPenney will donate $1 million to afterschool programs.

Sign up and start contributing by retweeting, liking JCPenney's Facebook, sending a "lucky penny" to friends on Facebook, and engaging in many other digital triggers.

Then, in JCPenney stores beginning July 31st, customers can start donating their real change by rounding up their purchases and donating the difference. Also, shoppers can buy this limited edition Olsenboye change purse (above) for $9.99 and 100% of the sale proceeds will be donated to the campaign. Be sure to visit the store in Manhattan Mall, pick up a coin purse, and start donating those pennies. Besides, have you seen the Olsenboye lately?! Adorable.

JCPenney Manhattan Mall lower levels 1&2, 33rd Street & Sixth Avenue

Last Minute Options at H&M Herald Square

Last week we shot a video at Sephora on 34th Street. That morning, I was guilty of a classic girl move: kept a guy (my video intern) waiting because I wasn't satisfied with my outfit. So where does a girl go for last-minute solutions?

H&M, of course. I ran to the Herald Square store, half a block from Sephora, walked and grabbed through the first floor, and encountered no lines at the dressing room. 10:15am is a great time to shop 34th Street. I chose two blouses and a tunic top (ok, it might be a dress). And it was a tough decision because all three were viable options.

Wearing H&M tunic/dress with Gap 1969 jeans and wedge Swedish Hasbeens for H&M, which is why I'm towering over Sephora's Christina like a giantess. Never compromise on heels if you're tall, embrace the towering effect.

Total shopping time, including try-on and check-out? About 18 minutes. In the end it was tunic for me, and I love the choice. The above doesn't show the full-length, sadly, but it got several compliments later in the day. I may be going back for one of the blouses, though, as they are loose & floaty, perfect for this smothering heat.

Also, for you last minute girls, H&M will let you wear your purchase out the door. You have to pay for it first, then head back to the dressing rooms for your Supergirl transformation. Makes sense, as it'd be awkward getting that security device off at the counter.

H&M Herald Square 34th Street and Sixth Avenue

Monday, July 18, 2011

Borders: Gone Forever?

From the looks of this story in the Boston Globe, we all better get our Borders on soon.

The Globe story predicts that Borders' possible extinction will hurt e-book sales, as readers still like to browse in-store before buying an e-book. The demise of Borders would affect 11,000 employees in about 400 stores, down from 1,249 stores in 2003. The 34th Street Borders, pictured, is located in a two-story space on the corner of 33rd and Seventh in Madison Square Garden.

Are you sad to see Borders possibly exit the retail landscape? And do you browse the IRL copy before you buy digital? I don’t believe people will stop buying books because of e-readers, but obviously the outlets are changing. Me, I’m an old-school lover of books, but that doesn’t mean I don’t covet an iPad, especially after our last apartment move involving way too many boxes of books. Our future most likely will never again involve moving so many books. Instead I foresee a small collection of hardcover favorites, or the hiring of a moving company to save our lower backs.

Now hopefully someone will jump in last minute, revamp the stores, and help save all those jobs.

Borders 2 Penn Plaza, 33rd Street and Seventh Avenue

Friday, July 15, 2011

34th Street Weekend Sales Pick: Dog Days

#1. Bebe
Because they have a rack full of very cute bikinis and tankinis on sale. 1 West 34th Street at Fifth

This one's marked down to $39.99.

#2. Foot Locker
Because to get into that Bebe tankini, we need to work out all summer, even in the dog days of July. Women's fitness apparel is BOGO 50% off, Nike and Addidas flip flops run $14.99-$24.99, and baby kicks (below) are on sale, so your little one can join in on the Jane Fonda.  120 W. 34th Street between Broadway & Seventh

#3. H&M
Because this summer sale isn't going to last forever! And you can get basics from $7 and up.  34th Street & Sixth, and 34th Street & Seventh.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sometimes, It's the Little Things

Ever since Aldo moved down the street next to Geox in a pretty new space, I've great enjoyed my shopping experiences there. Perhaps the new environment has made the staff happier, perhaps it's made me happier, and/or perhaps it's because their merchandise is more happily displayed.

This is the time of year I start losing one of my many pairs of sunglasses. Go pick up one of these bright, happy faux-ray bans, as they should get you through beach visits till the end of August.

Aldo 27 W. 34th Street between 5th & 6th Avenues

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm All "Express!"

Good, better, and pretty fabulous. Every time I've visited Express in the last couple months I've been a little gaga over the selections. And this time was even better than before. Today was also the first time I received one of their coupon emails and thought, "Excellent." I'd like to use it on these:

I'm so excited, my favorite season fall is now creeping into stores. Military-like jacket is $138, grey shirt is $29.90 and latex-look leggings worn here and below are $59.90. Can someone please tell me if latex leggings are making a comeback, or they never went away? Because I want these again. Striped red dress is $49.90, and striped T is $34.90.

Express 7 West 34th Street just west of Fifth Avenue
Express Manhattan Mall 33rd Street and Sixth Avenue

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bebe Shoes: Never a Dull Moment

I never try them on, but I always spend lots of time rubbernecking in the 34th Street bebe shoe section. Come on, faux pearl encrusted with black blingy somethings? Who isn't mesmerized by the above?

The selection these days is toning down the 5-inch+ heel height of the past few years, but don't panic, bebe will always provide you with shoes that make your legs look fabulous as you teeter down the street in sky-high platforms.

Love the polka dots and the weave wedges.

Bebe 1 West 34th Street at Fifth Avenue

Monday, July 11, 2011

You gotta wanna Benefit at 34th Street Sephora

There's a great benefit event in Sephora 34th Street this Friday, so all you beauty junkies should call*and reserve an appointment for a customized consultation with Maggie Ford Danielson, beauty expert and daughter of one of benefit's founders.

My inside intel tells me the new benefit eye kits, which are being released this Friday, the day of the event, are pretty amazing. So even if you don't have time this Friday to sit down for a consultation, drop by soon to try out the new eye wanna and eye gotta kits. I know I gotta get some new eye makeup, as my old shadows are way past a mere I wanna new color phase.

* Call 212-629-9135, ask to speak with Lisa Marie or Bernice, and tell them you'd like to reserve a time for the Friday Benefit event

Sephora 34th Street  212-629-9135
130 W. 34th Street between Broadway and Seventh Avenue

Friday, July 8, 2011

34th Street Weekend Sales Picks For Hot Summer Days

#1. Express

Because they've got a BOGO 1/2 off all pants sale, including shorts, and we all need sequined short shorts to get through the dog days of summer.  7 West 34th Street and Manhattan Mall, 1st floor

#2. Aldo
Because they have racks of up-to-50% off summer sandals and heels. And I'm still excited about the Preen x Aldo news for Spring/Summer 2012.  27 West 34th Street

How sweet it is.

#3. Dr. Jay's
Because they have a wall full of bikinis and tankinis on sale, most for $19.99, and a new bikini is just what you need for the beach this weekend. Also, the newly renovated store is a hundred times easier to shop and there's a big Levi's section.  17 W. 34th Street

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bebe and the Striped Slink

I'm pretty sure the title and the photos say it all. This is my stock pose when I'm wearing really tight clothing and am sucking it all in.

Bebe always has me covered with my favorite stripes. Look at my past with Bebe stripes:
  • Here Design Lab makes me look like a striped Patrick Starfish
  • Here Tara Subkoff makes me sailor-ific in a striped shirt
Ah, memories. 

Bebe 1 West 34th Street at Fifth Avenue

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sparkly Works

$179.95 Steve Madden Carnaby booties

Which to choose, sequined, navy, or leopard? These are from Steve Madden Herald Square, where you can also find select summer items on sale.

Steve Madden 41 West 34th Street just east of Sixth Avenue

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Victoria's Secret's Modern Courtesan

I didn't see any American flag lingerie last week at Victoria's Secret Herald Square, but I immediately spotted a Union Jack of sorts.

The Herald Square Victoria's Secret always has an interesting selection of designer lingerie. I tried on this Modern Courtesan bustier style, which could be a dress in the boudoir. For a night out, a girl might do this with jeans. Start by topping it with a jacket because the back view is all lingerie with see-through panels.

Victoria's Secret Herald Square 34th Street and Broadway

Friday, July 1, 2011

34th Street 4th of July Weekend Sales Picks

#1. Desigual

Because there's a great up-to-50% off sale in Desigual now. Look for the pretty tanks and shirts, dresses, and jumpsuits. 358 Fifth Avenue at 34th Street, & 958 Avenue of the Americas at 35th Street

 #2. Old Navy

Because they're having a big Fourth of July sale with items starting at $5, and don't forget to get an extra 10% off through the Operation Donation program. Click flier, right, for details. 150 West 34th Street

#3. 34th Street Department Stores

Because the holiday weekend sales are amazing at Daffy's Herald Square Now or Never sale (25%-50% off lowest ticketed price), Macy's Herald Square July 4th Sale (40%-80% off storewide), JCPenney Manhattan Mall, and Kmart. Go here for store locations