Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Desigual & Lacroix

Desigual is really in the air over here at Fashion Herald these days. But I just noticed this on their Twitter and had to share:

Image courtesy of Desigual blog. I'm not sure how I feel about more mouse ears (so 2010) but I do like the Desigual/Lacroix interpretation.

According to Desigual's blog, the company is now working with Christian Lacroix. Yesterday Desigual showed a 30-piece collection from the Fall/Winter 2011 collaboration, and they promise more for Summer 2012. From the looks shown on the blog, I emphatically say yes, more please. I need those printed tights. And although it seems so obvious now, I would never have put two and two together to make a Desigual/Lacroix connection. What a love match. Stay tuned as I try and get more information on prices and availability.

Desigual Herald Square, Avenue of the Americas at 35th Street
Desigual Fifth Avenue, 34th Street at Fifth Avenue


La Belette Rouge said...

You know, I bet you would look amazing in that dress. I think I would pass on the hat.;-)

Tricia said...

La Belette: Talk about your pattern mix, only Lacroix and Desigual! And thanks, I love the neck on the sweater :)