Friday, January 28, 2011

M. Hardy, Online and Still Tempting

Oui, Pierre Hardy. I will take the brown suede lace-up.

I love these more than the black. $195.

And yes, Gap, I'd love some of these.

I love these more than the lace-up booties. $195.

Spotted these on the Gap website this morning. I saw versions of the combo booties before (above, these are not Pierre Hardy Design Editions, but mainline Design Editions, which is all very confusing), but I hadn't seen the brown suede peep-toe wedge. More stalking of Herald Square Gap in my future, hoping for a discounted Pierre Hardy Design Editions miracle.

Gap Herald Square, 34th Street & Broadway


The Preppy Princess said...

Oh Miss fashion, either (spelled b-o-t-h) of these would be uber-elegant on you. Of course, were I to effort walking in them you would need to have an EMS crew following in my wake, no time at all would be needed before I required transport to a local ER.

Sending you a smile for the weekend,

WendyB said...

Me likey.