Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Strawberry for Boots

I dropped by Strawberry* in the Empire State Building before the holiday, and had to take pictures of their great boot selection. I'm a longtime fan of the Strawberry shoe department, and I still am although I really dislike their new version of shoe display. I miss the old-school, display-shoe with boxes beneath technique, as opposed to the new, banana-clip en masse technique. But this will not dissuade me from picking up some of these for NYFW Fall '11:

These are $29.99, bargain!

Blurry photo, cute boots.
I think these are my favorites.

The classic 80's combat, it could have walked right out of Contempo Casuals.

Flat boots

20 inches of snow convince you to finally get practical snowboots? Try these Levi's.

*prices slashed for New Year!

Strawberry Empire State Building, on 34th Street just west of 5th Avenue
Strawberry Manhattan Mall, levels 1&2, 33rd Street & Broadway