Tuesday, January 11, 2011

NYC Mobile Style Alerts: Sign Up!

This is a post I've been avoiding for a long time, for so very many reasons (see disclaimers below). But today, the day before another NYC Snowpocalypse, I'm taking the plunge and promoting a Fashion Herald feature that is hidden away up there in tiny font. See the "Mobile Style Alerts" button on the top left of the banner? That is my frenemy widget, so to speak. Sign up and you'll get a text every day helping you decide what to wear based on New York City weather.

May I recommend a little Desigual for winter chills?

Now, some explanation: I only have 109 characters to work with, so these aren't too involved. I focus on the things I always forget when I leave the house because I am so not an organized person by nature: the umbrella, the hat, the gloves (like today), the raincoat, the boots. Rarely I'll include a shopping tip for 34th Street, although more often when the weather is the same day after day.

Why am I torturing myself with this frenemy widget? Because I'm one of those people who need someone to tell me how to dress for the weather! I'm the girl that always wears inappropriate clothing in the rain, sleet and snow. Ridiculous, yes, that someone like me is managing this, but when we're rolling in the dough here at the 34th Street Partnership I'll hire my own weather girl. She's going to bring me lattes, too, and will remind me to leave work by 6pm everyday.

Big #1 disclaimer: I cannot promise that I will not forget, sometime in the future, to update my weather alerts. I vow to do my best, but I am, like all of us, a person with lots of things to do in a day. I've been practicing for months, and a few times, yes, I've said "throw that umbrella in your bag!" when it's sunny and clear skies all day.Whoops!

Disclaimer #2: I go by weather.com. But I'm no meteorologist. I'm going to need some slack, thanks.

Desigual, 358 Fifth Avenue at 34th Street


WendyB said...

Ha! Remind me of the page telling you if it's a good day for iced coffee.

Anonymous said...

We are SO hitting this store when I'm in town. I won't take "no" for an answer!

Anonymous said...

Meaning Desigual. Can you tell where I focused?