Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Late January State of Winter Boots

I wouldn't exactly call it feast or famine for snow boots at Macy's H.S. As the picture shows, it's a little of both.

The following scenario must drive retailers and shoppers alike completely nutso:

It's a snowy, slushy cold day in late January, with many more to come. The shoe department is packed full of customers, all clamoring for snow boots. What does one hear throughout the floor? "That's the last pair/size/snow boot left in the northern hemisphere"

Sperry Topsiders for 50% off (about $112).
Khombus on sale for $89.99.
If I got another rain boot, it would be as solid as this one. On sale for $40.

I was curious about the state of snow boots today on 34th Street: Does Macy's still had them in stock, and if so, are they on sale? Yes, and yes. Macy's had several styles on the floor, mostly by Khombu, Sperry, and Bear Paws. There's a table of rain boots, also, and a good selection of warm Chooka liners for $19.99. Bad news is, sizes are limited. Well, this would normally be considered the tail end of the season for merchants, and they are assuming everyone's got their boots covered. But it's been a particularly snowy winter. And the boot section in Macy's was packed today, all with women clamoring for sizes. A girl may have thought she'd get by with a less sturdy boot, only to realize she needs something more solid. And tall, and furry, and waterproof. In New York City, we need the former and latter. For the prices and selection, I say it's worth a visit Macy's Herald Square to see if there's anything left in your size.

Macy's Herald Square, 34th Street between Broadway & 7th Avenue