Thursday, January 27, 2011

Eric Daman for Charlotte Russe: Party Dresses

Perfect for prom.
My pick.

I went to Charlotte Russe yesterday to try on the Eric Daman line of dresses, not exactly looking forward to it as junior-sized party dresses aren't my thing. But I left lusting for the red rose dress. I call it "adorable" and would buy it if I had any need for such dresses. Actually, though, this would be a fantastic layer piece, I'd do a long black cardigan on top, or a long black jacket and Chuck Taylors. Feeling a little mid-80's yet? Kati saw this picture and said "Put a flannel on top and it's so 90210 circa 90's." We've got both our decades covered.

The detail and quality of the collection is most impressive. I won't even say "It's good quality for dresses under $45," because it's all around just good quality. Daman did a really nice job with the fabric and details. These four dresses are the only styles in Charlotte Russe Manhattan Mall right now. I'd also like to thank Mr. Daman as I tried on a large in the pink thinking I'd need it, and it was a little big! The red large, however, fits really snug.

There are little hearts in the sheer netting! Valentine's Day dress alert.

And Charlotte Russe is helping us get technical with QR codes. Scan the code on the sign in the store (or like their facebook page) and print the coupon for free jewelry. Click for more details, and to check out their cute QR code.

Charlotte Russe Manhattan Mall, level one, 33rd Street & Broadway


Anonymous said...

These are all such fun, but you look SMOKIN' in the pink!