Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pearls & Shoes

And the winner of the JCPenney pearl set giveaway is....

Daniel/Vinci! Here's her favorite wedding moment:
Daniel said...
Vinci said: My most precious wedding moment in time(as mother of the bride)was watching my entire family come down the aisle at my oldest daughter's wedding.

I love her moment! I also loved what everyone shared as their favorite wedding moment, including bird poop on the groom's dress white Navy uniform, the groom playing basketball after the wedding, the 3 foot tall officiator, and the veil getting stuck on the carpet! So for all you brides to be, don't stress the wedding perfection too much, because you're going to look back fondly at every moment, the romantic and not so romantic alike!

Thanks to everyone for participating, and thanks to JCPenney for offering that beautiful set of pearls for this giveaway. All of you thinking about brides, and weddings, and the necessary jewelry, should check out their two exclusive bridal jewelry collections, "I Said Yes" and "True Love."

And all you brides to be who may know or be in love with a sneakerhead, tell them about this:

 A new Jordan release! There will be a DJ, raffle and prizes starting at 10pm tomorrow night, so drop by Footaction and check it all out.

Footaction, 7th Avenue at 34th Street