Friday, January 21, 2011


Dear Xmastime: I'm wearing #10 jersey, guess what name is?
Girls, the Sanchez jerseys are in the back.

We've got lots of sporting goods stores in the 34th Street district that can fulfill all your Jets needs for Sunday's upcoming game: Cosby Sporting Goods (which carries some vintage/collectible jerseys, also), Foot Locker, and Modell's (pictured above). So go get your green on in 34th Street, and wear it proud. Jets, baby!

Oh, and Modell's, I must protest:

"In the event?" How about "After we kick some Steeltown butt," please. Hello, this is a New York City store! I'll be seeing all you stylish, fellow Jets fans there early Monday morning. Go Gang Green!

Modell's Herald Center, on Broadway between 33rd Street & 34th Street
Gerry Cosby & Co. Sporting Goods, on 31st Street just east of 7th Avenue
Foot Locker, 120 W. 34th Street between Broadway & 7th Avenue


La Belette Rouge said...


Xmastime said...

eff the Jets!!!!!!!!

Tricia said...

La belle - :( for the Bears.
Xmastime - I'd say eff the Cowboys, but oh yeah, they didn't make the playoffs.

Make Do Style said...

I bet you were very glad you could do an objective JETS post!! xx

Tricia said...

Make Do - hahahaha! and I'm crying while I'm haha-ing. Sad Jets fans today :(