Monday, February 28, 2011

Lightweight Jackets: Get Them at H&M

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Are you feeling the need for a lighter jacket these days? I actually walked out today with just a heavy sweater to grab a latte. H&M always has cute options for jackets, and I like the 80's shoulder detail and the black piping on this one I tried on in store earlier this month.

From H&M Herald Square, $49.95.

H&M Herald Square, 34th Street & 6th Avenue

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

World's Largest Guess Store Opens

Last week, on the last day of Fashion Week, fabulous Intern Craig and I had a lovely walk from Lincoln Center to the Guess flagship opening, where we ogled the enormous, brand spanking new store at 575 Fifth Avenue at 47th Street. We also drank some champagne, took a trip down memory lane with a few jello shooters, and scarfed some black licorice and gumballs. But back to the store.

My photos from the evening.
Now this is what I want to see at every store opening: retro-80's metal leggings. My mom threw out a homemade pair of mine back in the late 80's, no joke.

This location, the world's largest, is truly a showcase for all things Guess. I had an eye for the retro ads plastering the walls on the second floor, featuring Claudia Schiffer But the store's newer gems are on the first floor, where one finds the international jewelry collection exclusive to the Fifth Avenue location, a denim runway, and woman's pieces sold only in the US flagships. The first Guess dress department and the men's collection is located on the second floor.

Accessories, above, and the denim runway, below. All of these photos are courtesy of Guess.

We weren't the only ones enjoying the party. What's an opening without a few celebrities?

Julie Alexandria from MTV's "The Seven" wears Guess' LouLou Romper, above. Yes, I need this for spring. Below is Reshma Shetty of "Royal Pains." We all need her Guess flared trousers for spring.

According to WWD, Paul Marciano of Guess Inc is "looking to open stores on 34th Street, Third Avenue and in the Flatiron District." We've heard this before with the old LOFT space on 34th Street which is now rumored to be the future home of Uniqlo 34th Street. And you've heard of Timberland moving into the south side of 34th Street? But we'll talk more Timberland another day.

A version of this story was first published on NearSay on February 18th.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

UGG Australia Takes Manhattan

I"ll be post-dating a lot of our final fashion week coverage because my weekend turned into a sick-fest as opposed to a work-fest. But for today, which I spent home sick with a sick Baby Herald (see? sick-fest!), I'm sharing these limited edition, one-of-a-kind UGGs I first saw a sample of last fall at the UGG store opening on Madison:

Photo courtesy of UGG
Now these boots, $800, are available in stores but only in the Manhattan UGG stores on Madison, the Upper West Side, and Soho. And what's that on the boot? Yes, the Empire State Building outlined in Swarovski crystals! Of course the Empire State Building is on 34th Street, and so is Swarovski. To buy these special UGGs you'll have to go off 34th Street. But the Swarovski boutique can satisfy all your Austrian crystal needs. And I believe UGG Australia is making special, limited-edition boots for other major US cities, so if you're not in NYC, keep an eye out at your UGG boutique for an iconic urban image made with Swarovski crystals.

Updated to add: A few of my amateur snaps of the exclusive city UGGs from the opening last fall:
The front. Photos really don't do these justice, they require an IRL look.
Empire State Building love surrounds these UGGs.

Swarovski Penn Plaza, 200 W. 34th Street at 7th Avenue

Friday, February 18, 2011

Toni Francesc Fall 11

Kati here, helping Fashion Herald with Fashion Week Coverage.
Photos courtesy of People's Revolution

The Toni Francesc show was a structured affair with these beautifully cut and tailored pieces. I could see myself wearing many of these ensembles to the office, and then right out to meet friends in less formal settings. The rich tones mixed beautifully with the gold accent pieces provided by Nashelle jewelry. 

Francesc said his inspiration for the Garuda collection was the phoenix, a mythical bird which burns in its own flames, only to rise from the ashes. I never thought I would buy into a mythical interpretation of fashion inspiration, but I'm definitely getting the phoenix vibe with these earthy reds and grey ash colors. I also like the nod to fire with the red lips.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Perry Ellis Fall '11: Hip American Dad, I Think I Like You

Photo: Fashion Herald
This can all probably be blamed on my newish motherhood, but for some reason all I thought during the Perry Ellis show was "hip young American Dad." Hip young PR/Marketing types will gag at "Dad," as "Dad" isn't normally associated with fashion. But have you been to the farmer's market Saturdays in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where hip young dads go to buy organic sweet potatoes for the baby? And look up above: the Perry Ellis Dad is really, really cute. And very American. And hip, see those glasses?

 I also blame these sweaters (all photos courtesy of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week):

I rest my case. Hot Young American Dad, you are looking good. I also really dig how you tuck your pants into your socks.

This fall look for Perry Ellis on 34th Street at:

Macy's Herald Square 
34th Street between Broadway & 7th Avenue

Up Close and Personal at Binetti Presentation

Kati here, helping Fashion Herald with Fashion Week Coverage.

I attended the Binetti Presentation on Saturday morning, and I was shocked to find a crowded room of people staring at still-life frozen models. I'm sure this is old news for insiders, but this was my first presentation. Creepy frozen models aside, these colorful hanger shapes are great! We've got #hangerhands, #hangercats, #hangershades... I want more! How about #hangerparrots? Or maybe even #hangerturbans?

Looking for the vaguest sign of life from these girls, I ran over to where the models were prepping for photographs. I stood mesmerized watching the stylist re-spray the models hair, and then in front of the white backdrop, their slooooooowwww movements between pose changes. These girls were good; no photo blurs here.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jill Stuart Fall '11

Kati here, helping Fashion Herald with Fashion Week Coverage.

(Thanks to for the photos)

I managed to wait my way into the Jill Stuart show on Saturday morning, and it certainly paid off. I'm crazy for the array and versatility of Jill Stuart's vibrant colorblocking. And, I can't get over the gorgeous fox print. What a scene stealer!

I'm planning to give in and try out ankle socks like this when it warms up a little. I'll be heading to H&M to find some different color options. Any other shopping recommendations for these?

I can't help but include my creepy stalking photo of the back of the heads of these celebrities. We have Brad Goreski, Nigel Barker, Mena Suvari, Oliva Munn, and Alexa Ray Joel. It takes some major skill to spot the back of a celebrity's head. See if you can, without reading the caption below.
Front row head backs: Brad's in khaki sweater with blue collar, Mena is the one with beautiful long blond hair, Nigel's to her right, Olivia is to Mena's left, and Alexa Ray is chatting Olivia's ear off. 

It's Modern At Christian Siriano Fall 2011

Christian Siriano for Fall 2011? Please, Payless make the Tall-Shaft Armor Boot. I think you can guess which of the below is the Tall-Shaft Armor Boot.

Photos courtesy of Payless
Now we all know by now that the runway shoes don't always make it to the stores, just like the clothes. Here's a quote from the Payless release: "The Christian Siriano for Payless Gold collection is Christian's Runway-to-Reality line for Payless that will result in a collection of about five shoes and two handbags. All styles are inspired by the shoe and handbag designs seen on the runway." So don't expect them all come next September.

And the rest of the show? I joyfully reunited with Old Intern Craig (he's covering Fashion Week for The Fashion List) and we worked our way up to a very crowded standing room. I'm going to let my live Siriano tweets tell the Siriano show story (all photos from unless credited otherwise).

"Serious black & sheer 1st looks @csiriano Now some gorgeous graphite colors. And the booties & straps up calves? Please be @PaylessInsider"

 "God, black, graphite & a deep olive green - @csiriano is a designer after my own heart... Omg model down!"

This one's from Huffington Post.

From @LesFabian 
"@fashionherald I missed it b/c I was taking notes"

My reply to Lester, who works at FashionIndie
"I was just turned away talking about aubergine! But I caught the aftermath."

This is not aubergine. And everyone clapped when she got up. Brave girl!

"Mannish long sleeved T's with huge puffy ballgown skirts? So me. Thank you @csiriano."

"@csiriano show-Sleek, cold city girl who's not afraid of little ruffle detail at night. Modern Siriano=good direction."

"Sleek, cold city girl" I stole from Old Intern Craig. Later that night...

"I can't get Zsa Zsa Gabor-esque @csiriano bouncing tulle dress out of my head from show tonight. Green Gables? Bewitched? I Dream of Jeanie?"

And thus ended my Fall 2011 Siriano moment. Mindboggling and brilliant? No, but beautiful and promising? Yes.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tracy Reese Fall '11

Kati here, helping Fashion Herald with Fashion Week Coverage.

Nothing like a feminine and flirty fashion show to knock your Valentine's Day up a notch. Tracy Reese fit the bill perfectly on Monday with her Fall 2011 Show. Guests were greeted with lovely gold sachets full of chocolate heart candies, while the dramatic set and pre-show music set the mood.

The show opened with this beautiful purple mix of pleats, fur and knits, while Kanye West & Rhianna's "All of the Lights" played. The energy didn't stop as Ms. Reese continued to mix fabrics, patterns and colors. I almost gasped when this yellow came out.

Photos from

I'm digging the monochromatic schemes all around here from the sunglasses, out to the furs, and back down to the boots. And there's no better Valentine's Day treat than front row celebrity spotting. Here we have Veronica Webb, June Ambrose, Julia Stiles, Gabrielle Union, and Natalie Morales. 

Mara Hoffman Fall '11 Show

Mara Hoffman Fall '11: "The juxtaposition of spiritual being and warrior, 'where veil meets turban...'” 
Photo courtesy of People's Revolution.

Mara Hoffman was my first fashion week show, and a presentation. I love a presentation: you get close-up photos, you can really see the clothes, and the designer is always standing around talking to press, etc. The only drawback is surfing through the crowd, and Mara Hoffman was packed.

A lovely and pregnant Mara Hoffman.

I told my accompanying friend to keep me away from the pregnant designer as I was afraid of accosting her with baby gushing. Yes, I'm one of those moms who is a sap around pregnant women as they set off all my reproductive bells. It's like an illness. Or something that keeps the human race going.

So I backed away slowly from the pregnant woman and focused on the clothes. There were some gorgeous hits:
I want this entire look, accessories and all.

And a few misses, as in any bold show that shows strong direction and inspiration. I wasn't hot on the black tassel dress (pictured above) or the floor-length hoods, but most of the flowing dresses were perfect. Hoffman's prints, the cut-out backs, the coats, all were wearable standouts. And yes, I truly did get the "juxtaposition of spiritual being and warrior" as stated in Hoffman's PR release. Seriously, how often does that happen? Next I'll be understanding artist statements at gallery shows and stuff.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Totally Worth It! IFB's Evolving Influence Blogger Conference

Kudos to Jennine Jacob and this season's Evolving Influence Conference held at Mac and Milk Studios last Thursday. I attended in the morning, and if the rest of the day was as good as "The Business of Blogging" panel, then attendees were in for a seriously substantial conference. I've been to a few social media conferences, some good, some where you hear a lot of "be true to yourself and they will come," and very few that give you the cold, hard, really necessary facts. Inspirational truisms from the mouths of successful bloggers usually rule the day at such events, but Gregory Shove from Halogen just set a new standard. He even gave out advertising rates. Fashion bloggers, go get your fake fur and big hat-wearing butts over to IFB and read those live blogs!

Sal sitting on the couch with Kendra of DBA. Totally great workshop, thanks to both the gorgeous panelists!
Also, if you are able to attend the next IFB conference, be sure to sign up for a couple of workshops. I stopped by for part of the Start Up workshop and saw Sal of Already Pretty talk at the Media workshop. Both workshops were thorough and evolved down interesting paths as the more intimate setting made for good Q&As. 

The sun was setting towards the end of the workshop. Gorgeous setting at the top of The Standard Hotel's Le Bain.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Yoana Baraschi Fall '11

Lindsey helps out with New York Fashion Week. Enjoy her comments & photos below!

Yoana Baraschi delivered a quirky show, splashed with polka dots, tints of coffee in color, and all means of stripes.

These two looks illustrate contrasting styles that recurred through the show: one a lovely blouse dress that hails from the eighties, and the other all glitzy dress and oversized fur coat.

Likes: a sophisticated schoolgirl look on this striped overcoat in the background, and a martini print dress in the foreground. Black and red looked chic in this show, right down to the shoes.

I’ve been seeing this furry coat everywhere these days. Perhaps a bit overplayed this season, even in the fashion week crowds. The shades of red and tan on the blouse underneath I find more appealing.

One of the more interesting looks of the day. The proportions remind me of a matador costume.

This is fur coat done right, particularly with the small but important details like polka dots and red socks. Borrow these for fall and update last year's fur.

I love these subdued blue-black stripes, wider on top and more delicate and narrow in the skirt. Is this contrast making horizontal stripes your friend? The beautiful mustard colored top and scarf is a bold addition. Baraschi utilizes pops of color so well.